Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


13. Chapter 13 (Part 2 Home From The Hospital/ The Fair)

Then Scarlett walked outside to the car and then Liam and Harry walked out then Liam said "what's with the Ashton look?" "this wasn't planned it's cold so I wore a flannel and now it looks like I'm dressing like Ashton no Bueno" "I see hahahahaha" then the others walked out then since there was too many of them to fit in one car they had to take two cars in on of the cars was Liam driving Scarlett in the passenger seat then behind then was Harry, Zayn, Ashton, and Michael in the third row and in the other car was Niall, Veronica, Louis, Luke, and Calum then Scarlet then plugged in her charger then she was on Instagram then when they were at a red light she said "these fans need to stop these weird photo things" "Oh god what is that?" "Hahahahah moving on then" she then got a cord and connected it to the radio and her phone then began to play her music from there then the music lowered letting her know she got a text she looked to see a text that said "You look beautiful" she then smiled and said "thank you" "Welcome my love" "So you want to ride the Ferris Wheel with me at the fair?" "Um not a big fan of that ride" "Lame" "Hahahahah did you bring a sweater?" "NO I knew I was forgetting something hahahaha" "it's going to get cold" "Dang it" "we will figure something out" "Yeah we will hopefully" "You can always use my sweater" "what if you get cold?" "I'll be fine" "Okay but only if I get cold" "Okay" "guess what I'm doing tonight?" "what's that?" "Cuddle with hundreds of blankets" "hahahahaha but I thought we were cuddle buddies?" "We are" "then cuddle with me" "hahahahah I'll get back to you on that" "okay then" then Scarlett turned off the music on her phone and let it charge and played the radio then it was quiet no one talked then she got a text from Veronica it said "How's the car ride?" "Very quiet and there?" "hahahaha I'm surprised Michael isn't saying weird things and it's going good were not quiet that's fro sure" "hahahahaha well that's good" "yeah" "Ohhhhhh Taylor Swift is on the radio I love this song" "Ewwwwww" "hey I can like her songs" "hahahaha which one?" "Style" "Oh-Ohhhhhhhhh" then Scarlett turned up the volume and then began to sing along to it quietly then when it finished they had played the boys new song (1D) "Steal My Girl" then sat there listening to it then 5 minutes later when they got to the fair Scarlett got off then she went up to Veronica and said "round two" "hahahaha" then Scarlette and Veronica walked toward the fair then Veronica said "You okay?" "Eh I really don't know I feel depressed all of a sudden" "Why?" "I don't know after we stopped talking I felt like this" "Weird" "I know and I'm not bipolar" "hahahahah I know that" Veronica then stopped walking and hugged Scarlett then she said "better?" "A little" "hahahaha good Ashtonina" "oh god it wasn't planned Veronica" "I see" then they waited at the entrance for the others then when they walked up to them Niall walked next to them then he said "So Scarlett?" "yes Niall" "What's with the Ashton look?" "it wasn't planned Niall it just happened" "Oh" "it's the only flannel I got cause they only had this on in my size the others were too small" "Oh" "that's what I could get when I go back to the mall" "hahahaha" Then as they were walking Michael yelled "Scarlett wait for me!" Scarlett stopped walking to let Michael catch up to her when he did she said "Hi buddy" "Hahahahah hi Ashton" "forget you I didn't want to dress like him it kinda just happened I need more flannels" "hahahahah yeah we will go to the mall on Saturday if you want" "Sure I wans going to go anyways" "Okay how about the 15th?" "Sure I'm not busy that day or any other day" "the 14th, 15th, and 16th" "hahahaha we will go" "Okay" "yeah" "you do know we leave for America on the 16th?" "We do?" "yeah Liam found out this morning" "Oh that's on Sunday" "yup" "I'll pack on Saturday night then on Saturday we can go shopping and just spend the day not in the house" "hahahahah yeah since were going to be in a hotel or tour bus for months" "true" "yeah" then Scarlett yelled "I'M GOING ON THE FERRIS WHEEL WHO'S COMING WITH ME!!!" she went to the line and said "Anybody?" then she ended up going on with Michael, Ashton, and Luke then while they were in line Scarlett said "okay so if your going to rock the chair seat thing just leave now cause if any of you rock it I will end up back in the hospital it happened once when I was with Veronica on one of those a while back before I went into the orphanage I stood in the hospital for a month so if your planning to move it leave now" no one moved then Scarlett said "another thing this what I'm wearing was not to dress like Ashton it just happened" then Luke said "were did you get the flannel?" "Um here at the mall" "I need more" "Well me and Michael are planning to go to the mall on the 15th you can come if you want to, you too Ashton I told you if you wanted to come along now later don't say I didn't tell you" Luke said "I'll go I really haven't been out since we got here" Ashton said "I'll go too" Michael sarcastically said "great" Scarlett said "Okay then I'll tell Calum too you boys have been at the house since we got back" "okay" they all replied then Luke said "Are you and your friend Veronica going on tour with us?" "yeah we are" "Cool you'll have fun" "yeah I know" then when they got off Michael said "we're going to stop by Panda Express before we go shopping though" Scarlett said "For sure" Ashton and Luke laughed then the rest started to walk behind them then Ashton was talking to Scarlett while Luke and Michael were talking to each other then Ashton said "So trying to dress like me" "hahahaha no it just happened" "hahahaha I should've dressed like that too it's cold and I'm in a tank top" "your crazy that's why" "hahahahah" "and this is the only flannel I have I'm going to get more when we go on Saturday" "hahahahaha" "I'm going to get a bunch that way people don't think I'm dressing like you" "Well you did dress like me today" "hahahaha I know but I knew it was cold so I was like flannel" "hahahahah true and there warm" "I know" Then Scarlett said "Do any of you want to go on this one with me?" they all said "No" then Scarlett looked behind her and said "Anyone want to come with me?" they all looked at the ride then no one said anything then Scarlett said "You guys are lame" then Niall said "I'll go with you" "Sure?" "Yeah" then they got in line then Scarlett said "Are you sure Niall?" "yeah" "I don't want to make you do something you don't want to do" "I'm sure" "Okay then" "So your going to go see our movie this weekend?" "Holly jellybeans I forgot I told Michael, Luke, and Ashton that we would go shopping eh I'll go in the night" "I checked what time there playing it and there's one at 12:55pm and 7:00pm" "I think I'll go to the one at 12:55pm then after that I'll go shopping with them since Michael sleeps in" "hahahaha true" then they got on the ride then Scarlett said "Ready?" "Kinda" "it will be fun it just goes up and down like 3 times" "Oh god" "Just calm down breathe" "hahahaha you like strange things child" "hahahaha usually Veronica comes with me on this one but since her sister passed she stopped" "Oh" "yeah" then it started and when they got off Niall said "that wasn't that bad" "told you" "hahahahah" then they waited for the others to walk to them then Liam said "You both are crazy" Niall said "it was fun" Scarlett said "You got to face your fears Liam" Liam said "Niall did" Niall said "Yes I did that ride was one that I never went on when I came to the fair" Scarlett said "it looked like you were having fun" Niall said "Cause I was" Then Louis got Scarlett by the hand and pulled her to a ride then he said "Want to come on with me?" "sure why not" then they got in line then Louis said "Your not going to panic on me are you?" "hahahahah no I'm good last night was different" "but you didn't sound nervous at all" "really?" "yeah you did really good" "thanks Louis" "Your welcome bff" "hahahahah" "hahahaha" "So ready to go on tour" "Yes I'm ready to go back" "I bet" "Are you girls coming along?" "Yes sir we are" "that's good even though your going to be on a bus or in a hotel room for months" "hahahahah I know but it's okay you boys are pretty entertaining" "hahahahah that's true" "Yes very" "I don't think the others found us" "I always get lost when it just the five of us" "Only you Louis" "hahahahah yes only me" "it's okay though" "Yeah I get on every ride so your good" "hahahahaha but I heard you rock or swing the seat on the Ferris Wheel" "Yeah to mess with the lads" "hahahahah well you scared them Liam, Harry, and Zayn" "hahahaha" "I don't like when people do it last time Veronica did it like 3 years ago and I ended up in the hospital for a month" "You panicked that much?" "Yeah it was really bad like super bad which is why when I go on it with people I say if there going to swing the chair to just get out of the line cause I don't allow it" "I just do it to mess with them after what happened last night to you I wouldn't do that cause then it would be my fault that I put you in the hospital" "Yeah" "what's your favorite ride?" "Ferris Wheel" "why?" "I just like to be able to see the city for the top I mean I freak out a little when they stop it at the top but then I look out at the view and it somehow calms me down" "I like that part" "hahahaha" then they got on the ride then when they got off Scarlett said "I liked that one" "hahahaha" then Scarlett said "let's see the selfies we took" then they looked at them then she said "I like this one" it was one of Louis in the back of Scarlett doing a funny face and Scarlett with a smile then she posted it on Instagram then put "Lost the lads! Oh No well me and Louis are gonna hang out together for a bit until we find or run into them" then she tagged Louis in the picture then he said "hey this picture looks really cool" "hahahahah it's a habit to make them look all professional" "this is really amazing" "you want me to send it to you" "yes please" Scarlett then gave Louis her phone to put his number in there then she put as his contact name "LouBear" then she then she sent him the picture and put it as his contact picture then he said "I got it and now I shall save your number" "hahahahaha my contact name for you is LouBear" "that is creative how?" "Well Louis is your name I just didn't use the -is and how the fans call you boobear I just used the -bear and that's how I got LouBear I came up with it in 5 seconds" "smart now how do you spell your name?" "S-c-a-r-l-e-t-t" "thanks" "welcome" then they walked around and went on more rides then Scarlett said "I'm surprised Liam hasn't called" "you think they are looking for us?" "I'm sure they are but they probably think we are going to run into them" "true but it's kinda boring cause they don't get on much rides" "Yeah that's true" "I was going to get on the ride with you the one Niall went on with you" "Why didn't you?" "I don't know" "You and Niall both could've gone on with me" "I know want to go on it again?" "Sure then Ferris Wheel?" "okay I promise not to swing the seat" "okay then" then they walked back to the rides that they wanted to get on then when they got off of one they went to the next one then they got on the Ferris Wheel then after that they walked around some more trying to look for the lads then Scarlett said "How hard is it to find me I'm wearing red and black like really?" "what if there not looking for us and they think that we are behind them or something?" "I don't know" "there eventually going to call us" "I would've thought cause of what happened last night Liam would've called me right when we ran off" "true" "what if there like having fun?" "without us?" "I guess" "you never know" "yeah oh well I guess" Then they stopped to get something to eat then Scarlett said "I feel tired all of a sudden" "you want to go home?" "you don't have keys" "I drove" "Oh then yeah I guess" "but are you okay?" "I feel tired I don't know what's up with me now" "want me to call Liam?" "NO he's probably having fun I'll be fine let's go on more rides and see what happens" "sure?" "yeah" then Scarlett checked her phone to see that she had 5 messages from Liam, Veronica, Harry, Niall, and Ashton, Liam's text said "Where are you guys at?" Harry's said "Love? Where are you and Louis at?" Veronica's said "Hey were all running around the fair looking for you and Louis where the hell are you at?" Niall's said "Scarlett it's been an hour since Liam texted you and you haven't replied are you both okay" Ashton's said "Scarlett Liam is pretty convinced that something bad happened to you both please reply letting us know your okay" then Scarlett said "that's weird I just checked my phone 30 minutes ago when I posted the selfie of us and I had no messages now I have 5 messages from 1 hour ago from Liam, Harry, Veronica, and Niall then one from 30 minutes ago from Ashton" "that's weird" "I know now Liam thinks were dead or kidnapped or something" "if they were smart they would've looked at your twitter and Instagram and know that everything is okay" "I know but you don't think about those things when your in panic mode" "text him back before he has this fair shut down" "Hahahaha" then Scarlett texted Liam "Dad me and Louis are fine so so so sorry about the really late reply my phone is being stupid I just got all the text from everyone um were fine just walking around and talking" then Scarlett said "I texted him" then her phone beeped then she looked at it and it was a text from Liam it said "it's okay just glad your okay and we were on twitter trying to see if you or Louis tweeted then I seen the picture you posted" "Oh and yeah I did feel tired all of a sudden but now I'm okay" "sure?" "yeah" "everybody kind of separated from me, Harry, and Zayn they decided to go there own way, we have been trying to look for you both" "Um were by the Ferris Wheel cause we just finished eating" "stay there were going" "okay" then Scarlett said "Louis, Liam said to wait here him, Harry, and Zayn are coming cause everyone else separated" "okay then" then they stopped by the Ferris Wheel then Louis said "you think Liam will be mad?" "I don't know I hope not I mean my phone was being stupid I didn't receive the messages till an hour later" "I know so it's not your fault" "yeah cause I would've text him back once I got it" "I know you would've" Then Scarlett seen Harry then she said "there right there" "let them come us" "I'm going to sit on the floor" "are you okay?" "yeah my feet hurt that's all" "sure?" "yes I'm sure" "okay, there coming" Then Liam walked up to them and said "Scarlett what's wrong?" "nothing my feet hurt" "oh" then she got up and checked her phone then she decided to text Veronica and put "Don't use that tone on me young lady hehehehehe Liam found us" then Louis said "to where next?" Scarlett said "it's time you three face your fears" Liam said "what do you mean?" "I mean you 3 on the Ferris Wheel with me and Louis" Zayn said "not gonna happen" "NOW!" Liam said "he's going to rock it" Scarlett looked at Louis then he said "I won't, I promise" Scarlett said "to the line now" then as they were in line Zayn said "feisty there love" "hahahahahah it's time you face your fears" "true" "like I told the others don't get me mad you will regret it member you have been warned" then they go on the ride Liam said "please don't stop at the top" then it stopped close to the top then Scarlett laughed Louis then said "I don't like it stopping at the top" Harry said "oh god" Zayn said "didn't think this was going to happen" then Scarlett moved closer to the wall of the seats to look out at the city then Liam said "Scarlett are you crazy?" "what? I like looking out at the city from up here, look how pretty it is" then Scarlett got out her phone and took like 5 pictures then it started to move when they got off Scarlett said "I'm going on another one" Scarlett started to walk then her phone started to ring she said "Hello" "well it took long enough to answer my text" "it's not my fault my phone is being a butt" "that's weird" "I know" "what are you doing?" "walking to a ride" "where's the others?" Scarlett looked behind her and said "behind me" "oh" "yeah, my feet hurt" "hahahaha mine too" "where are you at?" "food" "of course" "hahahaha" "I don't know why I feel weird right now" "what do you mean?" "I don't know like I'm not suppose to be here" "Weird" "yeah" "Oh, oh ,oh" "what?" "Hi" "Heyyyyyyy hahahahaha" "So guess what?" "what?" "the boys movie comes out this weekend" "Oh my lord I know I'm going on Saturday at 12:55pm" "oh cool" "yeah then after that I'm going shopping with Michael, Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Harry" "busy, busy" "Well yeah we leave for America on Sunday morning" "What!" "Yeah I think Michael told me" "that means I have Saturday to see the movie" "yes and there only showing it at 12:55 or 7:00pm" "I'll pack in the day then go in the night to see the movie with Niall" "hahahaha I'm going with Harry" "Awwwwww" "Shut up" "Holly crap that's this weekend" "Oh god I know hahahaha" "I'm excited" "me too" "hahahaha" "and guess what?" "what?" "it comes out in dvd on December 1st" "oh yes now we can watch both of them " "dude This Is Us has fetus One Direction" "holly crap that's true" then Louis walked up to Scarlett and said "Where we going?" "there" Scarlett said pointing to the ride Louis looked and said "you are crazy" "scared?" Veronica said "No your not" "Oh Veronica but I am I'll call you back" "good luck" "bye" "bye" Louis said "I'm not scared" "then come on with me" "Oh-okay" "Actually all of you come on with me" then Harry said "Why did we stop walking" Scarlett said "All of you in that line" Harry said "that's the scariest ride here no thanks" "you guys are lame" Scarlett went to the line and she said "anyone?" then someone said "it's my buddy" she looked to see Ashton and Michael there she looked back and said "bye" then walked up to them then Michael said "Your crazy for getting on this ride" "I've been on it before it's not scary" Ashton said "Seriously love this girl man hahahahaha" Michael said "Ashton dude she has boyfriend" "Not that like that Michael" "oh" Scarlett said "the others are lame they wouldn't get on" Ashton said "so you were going to get on alone?" "why not?" "hahahahaha" then they got on the ride when they got off Scarlett went up to the boys and said "I'm back" Louis said "how was it?" "Okay I've been on it before" Louis said "Harry she's a keeper" Scarlett then said "so what do you guys want to do next?" Louis, Zayn, and Liam said "GAMES!" Scarlett said "you guys go I'm going to go sit down for a bit" then Scarlett went to a bench and sat down then she seen someone sit next to her she looked to see Harry then she said "Hey" "Hi love" "So having fun?" "yeah you?" "yeah I am" "you know you are crazy for going on that ride" "what's so scary about it?" "everything" "hahahahaha" "but it's okay" "do you still want to go to see your movie with me on Saturday?" "Of course" "you do know that we leave for America on Sunday?" "really?" "Yeah Michael was the one who told me that Liam found out today" "Oh what are you doing after the movie?" "shopping with Ashton, Michael, Luke, and Calum" "oh for tour?" "yes and cause I also need more flannels so I don't look like I'm dressing like Ashton" "hahahahaha I noticed that" "hahahaha I wasn't trying to though" "oh thought you were" "no I wasn't" "hahahaha, I also need clothes for tour too" "you want to join me and the others?" "can I?" "of course you can hahahahaha " "hahahahaha" "you do know that I don't mind if you come along right?" "I know you don't" "okay just checking" "hahahahaha okay" then Scarlett pulled out her phone and checked her hair on her camera then Harry said "are you taking a selfie?" "no hahahahaha I'm seen if my hair is not messy" "nah your good" "thanks hahahahaha, did you want to take a selfie?" "maybe" "hahahahaha your too adorable" "you are too" "hahahahaha" "wait I'm still waiting for an answer about the cuddling thing" "I thought I told you yes?" "no you told me I'll get back to you on that so is that a yes?" "it's a yes" "yay!" Scarlett then gave Harry her phone then he said "for what?" "take your selfie" "hahahaha I meant with you in it, it can be our first selfie as a couple" "hahahaha I thought you meant by yourself" Harry then gave Scarlett her phone back then she put it on the camera then took a couple of them with Harry then he said "lets pick out favorite" then they looked at them then they both decided that there favorite was of both of them smiling then Scarlett put it as her lock screen picture then she sent it to Harry then began to edit it and liked how it came out better so she put that as her lock screen one then also sent it to Harry then she locked her phone and put it on her laps then it vibrated she looked to see a text from Veronica it said "hey me, Niall, are with 5sos to lazy to type there names hahahaha were looking for you and the others where are you at?" she texted back "hahahahaha lazy bum and were by the Ferris Wheel I mean you can't miss me I'm in red and black Louis, Liam, and Zayn are playing games me and Harry are sitting down" "okay well were going that way" "do they want to leave already?" "there cold" "well no one told them to dress like it's summer time" "hahahaha" "but I'll tell Liam I'm cold too" "hot chocolate time?" "ohhhhh lord there's a stand right in front of me" "Now I know were your at" "hahahahaha yeah" then Scarlett said "Stay right here I'll be back" "okay" then she got up and walked to the stand and got two hot chocolates then paid and went back she then gave one to Harry then he said "thanks love" "welcome" "your not cold yet?" "not anymore" "hahahahaha" then Liam walked up to them then said "okay now how about we go home make some hot chocolate and have another bonfire?" Scarlett said "I'm in" Harry said "me too" Liam said "We can sing again?" Scarlett said "okay" Harry said "Your going to do it?" "No I want to hear you guys do it" "hahahaha I thought you were gonna do it" "after last night I'm okay" then the others found them and they all got back in the cars then went home then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hey Scarlett" "hey Eleanor" "whatcha doing?" "going home" "Oh Louis told me that you were in the hospital last night" "Oh yeah I was I had a panic and asthma attack" "Oh no" "yeah but I'm fine now just on my way home from spending the day with the guys and Veronica" "Oh cool um I called to ask if your busy next week?" "Um Saturday yes and Sunday we leave to America" "So during the week?" "Nope I'm free" "okay well I'm going to pick you up and take you out for your birthday since it's on Saturday" "how did you know?" "your father told me" "Oh hahahahaha I don't think the others know" "it's okay" "Hahahahaha well I'm not doing anything big on Saturday just going to the movies with Harry and going shopping for tour that's the whole day then go home and pack then sleep pretty much nothing big" "But your turning 18" "I know but I'd rather do that then anything else" "what movie are you going to see?" "the one movie that's only in theaters for one weekend" "oh god I should've known the boys movie" "hahahahaha yeah last time I went to see it twice since it wan in theaters longer" "hahahahaha" "yeah" "well I'll call you to tell you when I'm going to go steal you for a while" "hahahaha you have to let me know like a couple of hours before cause Harry might want to do something" "But I'm your best friends forever and he's Harry" "no he's more than that" "best friend?" "no" "Oh god no" "what?" "did he?" "what I'm lost" "he asked you out?" "Hahahaha yes" "he's your boyfriend?" "yes sir" "hahahahaha Liam didn't freak out?" "No he talked to him before he talked to me" "but that's cute" "hahahahaha your funny" "I know hahahahaha" "Hahahaha" "Well I'll call you soon then" "Okay bye" "bye" then Scarlett went on twitter and looked to see what was going on then she got off and they had stopped at the market to get wood for the bonfire and stuff to make hot chocolate then they got what they needed then they made there way back to the house when they got there Scarlett got her charger then went to her room and closed the door locked it and then got warm pajamas and changed then put her hair in a braid then she opened her door and made her bed then she put her phone to charge then she went to take off her make up that she had on then someone said "Scarlett!" "there I go" then she went in her room and seen Harry there she said "hey" "hi" "what's up?" "just came to see what your doing?" "Oh hahahahaha just getting all comfy" "I see that you look pretty warm" "I am warm" "hahahahaha yeah" "Wait wait are you serious about the cuddling thing?" "yeah I was" "won't Liam freak out though?" "No were not going to do anything Harry it's just sleeping in the same bed" "Okay in here?" "yeah in here hahahaha" "hahahahaha okay then" then he sat her bed then Scarlett checked her phone then it was fully charged so she put it on her bed then Harry pulled out his phone and said "Oh I got a text from you" "hahahahaha" then he looked at it then he said "I'm putting this am my screen savers for both screens" "hahahahaha I have it as my lock screen one" "hahahahaha what's the other one?" "me and Liam" "Oh I see" "yeah" "well mine are now of us" "hahahaha that's cute" "I've never done this with any of my girlfriends" "really?" "Yeah never" "Oh I never done this pshhhhhhhhhh I'm lying it was always a new picture of you every month" "hahahahaha that's cute" "like seriously it was never a picture of me it was of you, all 5 of you, or 5sos that's it" "hahahahaha" "but mostly you I'm not going to lie" "that's cute" "hahahahaha" "it is" "stop your going to make me blush" "don't be shy about it" "okay then" "want to go downstairs already?" "yeah we can go" then they got up and Scarlett got her phone then they both went to the kitchen/living room when they got there Harry went with the guys and Scarlett went to the kitchen with Liam then he said "hey you feeling okay?" "yeah I'm fine" "hahahahaha good well the hot chocolate's almost done" "Yay!" "good thing we got these coffee cups" "oh I know and they have tops" "hahahahaha" "everything set up outside?" "yeah but Niall and Veronica are out there" "is that why you have the curtain closed" "I didn't do that one of them did cause they were kissing" "oh god" "hahahahaha I know" Scarlett then looked at Harry and smiled then Liam said "you really love him huh?" "yeah I do more than anything, when I'm around him I feel more alive than I've ever been in the past 2 years" Scarlett said with tears going down her cheeks Liam then said "he told me he really loved you too and that he needed to do something about it fast before someone else took you" "Liam I have liked him for 3 years since America found out late about the band" "3 years you have been a fan and a Harry girl?" "yeah 3 amazing years cause those 3 years have been nothing but fangirling and learning new things" "hahahahaha" "but no lie I wouldn't change a thing cause then I wouldn't be here where I am" "hahahahaha I know" "yeah" "I've seen the big smile Harry has on his face when he's around you it's all love" "hahahahaha I noticed that smile too" "I've noticed whatever chance he has he's always around you" "yeah I've noticed that anytime I'm up in my room he goes in there and all we do is talk and laugh" "I have noticed that" "hahahahaha it's true" "I know" then Liam said "well let's go outside" "Wait let me see if were clear outside?" "hahahahaha" then Scarlett opened the door and yelled "HEY YOU TWO LOVEBIRDS WERE COMING OUT NO MORE OF YOUR FUNNY BUSNIESS THAT'S WHY THEY CREATED BEDROOMS" then Niall and Veronica laughed Scarlett then opened the curtain then said "were good" then everyone went outside and Scarlett helped Liam with the hot chocolate when she had gave one to all of them she got one for herself and Liam then they both went outside then Scarlett went and sat with Harry then he smiled then she smiled back at him then she whispered to him "I put mini marshmallows and whipped cream" "hahahahaha in all of them?" "Yeah shhhhhhh our secret" "hahahahaha okay" Harry then kissed the top of her head then Scarlett smiled at him then they all started to talk and laugh then they started to talk about what rides they went on then Michael said "Me, Scarlett, and Ashton went on the biggest ride at the fair well actually the one you all were lame to get one" Ashton said "Scarlett is different in a good way that everyone gets along with her" Louis said "true that" Veronica said "but she also has a smile on her face even when she's having a bad day or she can make us smile very easily" Harry said "I agree I mean knowing that she's here and hoping it will be a good day that day but you already know it will be cause she's here to make it happen" Louis said "And she comes up with good nicknames too" Scarlett said "You guys act like I'm not here" Veronica said "We know you here just saying what we think about you" Luke said "I mean the times I'm around you Scarlett there always fun we laugh make jokes just plain fun" Calum said "and your nice not like Michael hahahahaha" Michael said "Hey it's cause she's fucken awesome not like you losers" then everyone laughed then Zayn said "Okay I know I just started to talk to Scarlett but I'm so glad I did cause I would had never meet such a sweet and funny girl like her and now that I think of it I'm so glad your part of this family" Scarlett then began to get teary eyed then Niall said "Okay so Scarlett is like a little sister to me but sometimes I feel like I have someone to talk to and I know I do see Scarlett not only is everything you guys just said she's also a good advice giver and just someone to talk to" then it was quiet so then Scarlett got up and went inside to get more hot chocolate then her phone began to ring she finished pouring herself then sat down at the table and answered it and said "hello" "hey Scarlett" "hey Eleanor" "what are you doing?" "Um drinking hot chocolate with the rest outside having a bonfire" "cool" "and you?" "nothing at home" "oh so what's up?" "well I was looking at my calendar and I'm free this whole week and I talked to Perrie but her and Zayn have plans with her family this week so I'm just checking to see if your free this week?" "Oh I'm free Monday-Friday" "hahahahaha alright well this week no plans Scarlett I'm going to steal you from Liam and Harry and your coming to my house so it's Scarlett and Eleanor week" "hahahahaha that's fine" "hahahahaha okay then since tomorrow is Monday I shall go like at 2pm to pick you up and take you to our first day of fun" "hahahahaha okay I'm all excited" "you should be plus it's some time away from the boys" "hahahahaha Harry is going to miss me like crazy" "hahahahaha I know he is but too bad" "hahahahaha" "well I just called to let you know I'll call you tomorrow" "Okay then" "bye Scarlett" "bye El" then Scarlett got her cup and went back outside with the others then Harry whispered "everything okay?" "yeah Eleanor called me that's why I took long" "oh" "yeah" then they all talked more then they had all gone to sleep and Scarlett and Harry had stood outside a little while longer until Scarlett wanted to go to sleep so they got up and went inside then Scarlett went to her room then Harry stood at the door frame then Scarlett said "Harry you can come in I don't bite hahahahaha" "I know that" then Harry closed the door and sat on the bed then Scarlett went to the restroom and brushed her teeth and cleaned her face then moved the blankets so Harry could lay down then he did and Scarlett then turned off the light and the laid down then Harry said "Not as bad as I thought" "hahahahaha your funny" "what I thought it was going to be awkward" "it's not only if you make it" "true" then Scarlett looked at Harry with the little bit of light from the moon shinning in her room and said "I like this" "hahahahaha" "you said you wanted to cuddle" "I know and I want to cuddle with you" "isn't that what were doing?" "hahahahaha come here love" Scarlett then moved closer to Harry then he said "Now this feels right" "hahahahaha it does" then Harry wrapped his arms around Scarlett then she said "Okay now I'm tired" "go to sleep babe" "Night Harry" "night princess" then Harry kissed the top of her head then they both fell asleep.

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