Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


12. Chapter 12 (Part 1 Home From The Hospital/ The Fair)

The next morning when Scarlett woke up she looked around to see where she was at then she felt someone holding her hand she looked to see Liam asleep then she touched his head then he woke up to see Scarlett awake he said "hey your awake" "yeah" "how you feel?" "better than last night before I passed out" "You had a panic/asthma attack" "What!?" "it's from the singing huh?" "Yeah" "I see now if you don't want to do something you don't have to okay" "okay" "I was really worried Scarlett, I thought I was going to lose you" "I'm sorry dad but I'm not going anywhere for a long time" "Just panicked that's all" "I know you did" then Liam pulled out his phone and texted Harry "She's okay she just had a panic and asthma attack" then Scarlett said "Are the guys here?" "No just me" "Oh" "Yeah" "I want to go home" "I know but we have to see what the doctor says" "Is it that bad that I'm going to be here long?" "I don't know they were going to send you home last night but they wanted to keep you just in case" "Just in case what?" "to make sure nothing else bad happened over night" "Oh I see now" "Yeah I'm hoping you can go home today" "I know me too" "Yeah" "Your going to have to take it easy for a while at home no walking much just relaxing" "okay" Then the doctor walked in and said "Well nothing went wrong overnight and everything seems fine your good to go home" Scarlett said "thank you" "No problem oh your clothes are in the bag on the couch" "thanks" Then Scarlett got up got her clothes and changed in the bathroom then fixed her hair then she and Liam checked her out of the hospital then one of the nurses pushed Scarlett in a wheelchair to the car then they got in the car and drove home then Liam said "wait did you have your phone in your pocket?" "No I left it on my bed next to me" "at home?" "yes" "Okay" When they got home they got off and they quietly walked in the house then Scarlett and Liam went to her room then she said "I'm going to lay down for a bit" "Okay text me if you need anything" "Okay" Then Liam walked out of the room closing the door behind him then Scarlett got her phone and went on twitter and tweeted "ugh I hate hospitals" then she laid in bed then she got clothes like lazy day clothes then went to go shower when she got out she combed her hair then she put on socks then she sat in bed then she got a blanket then she walked downstairs and then went to the backyard and then sat on one of the chairs that were out there then she pulled out her phone to look at the time and it was 9:30am then she covered her whole body with the blanket and closed her eyes for 5 minutes then her phone started to ring she answered it and said "hello" "Scarlett" "I'm outside Liam, oh god it's bright out here" "In the back?" "yes sir" "okay" Then Scarlett heard the back door open then she said "Liam I think I'm blind" "hahahah were you under the blankets?" "yeah for like 5 minutes" "that's why" "okay I can see now" "hahahah good" "hahahaha, is everyone still asleep?" "yeah I think they stood up late thinking you were coming home last night" "Oh" then the back door opened again and they looked to see Niall there he walked up to them and said "your home!" "hahahah we got here this morning" "what happened?" "Panic and asthma attack" "from singing?" "yeah" "are the other awake?" Liam said "I don't think so" "Oh god it's cold" "Yay! it's cold" "hahahaha you like the cold Scarlett?" "No I thought I was sick and it was only me who felt cold" "Oh hahahaha trust me it's going to be colder in the night" "Cuddle time" "With who?" "Pillows and blankets duh" "Oh hahahaha I thought you meant Harry" "hahahaha no Liam will kill me right dad" "hahahaha" Liam said "What?" "I said you would kill me if you found out Harry slept in the same bed with me?" "not really cause I know your not going to do anything" "Oh God No Dad No!" "see I know so it's fine" Niall said "Oh god Liam" "Hey she's my daughter I got to say it" "Oh god dad never in a million years hahahaha see what I did there" Niall said "hahahaha I see" Liam said "and I'm the weird one" Scarlett said "No dad were both weird" "hahahaha yeah" Then someone walked into the backyard and yelled "YOUR HOME!" Scarlett looked to see Louis there Scarlett said "Hi bff" "Hey Girl Hey" "hahahahah" "so what happened?" "panic and asthma attack" "oh no" "yeah that's kind of why I didn't want to sing last night" "But you did" "I know I tried to man up but I failed" "it's okay though your okay and home that's all that's all we cared about" "yeah true" then Scarlett said "I'm hungry" Liam said "let's go inside then" then they all got up and went inside then Liam said "what do you want?" "Um pizza" "how about homemade pizza?" "Oh my god that homemade pizza was really good when you made it in L.A." "so that's a yes?" "Oh yeah" "hahahaha okay" then Scarlett, Niall, and Louis sat on the table then Louis said "We thought you were coming home last night so we stood up till 3am waiting" "Oh the doctor told Liam they wanted to keep me just in case anything else happened" "Oh well were glad nothing serious happened" "me too" Then Scarlett seen Liam's phone on the table then she went to his Instagram and whispered "Say cheese" then she took a picture with Niall and Louis then she put as the caption "Hacked by your daughter and my 2 bff's Niall and Louis. I love you dad" then she posted the same thing on twitter then she put the phone back then she got her phone and went on Instagram and said "funny faces" then she took the picture and put "Home Sweet Home, these lads are the best don't know what I would do without them, so much love for them" then she tagged Louis and Niall in the picture then she showed it to them then they laughed then Scarlett was on Instagram then Louis and Niall liked her picture then she liked all these other pictures then she said "I shall be back I'm taking my blanket to my room" "Okay" they replied then Scarlett put her blanket on her bed then closed the door then went back downstairs and sat on the table then she turned on the TV and walked to the couch and laid down looking for something to watch then she just decided to watch a scary movie called "The Conjuring" then she put up the volume then Louis and Niall sat on the other couch then Niall said "What are you watching?" "scary movie" "Why?" "cause I like scary movies" "Oh hahahahaha" Louis said "What's it called?" "The Conjuring" "Oh" "oh what?" "I heard this movie is really scary" "well we shall find out" then Louis said "Oh god there's a doll" "Louis it hasn't even started yet and your scared" "hahahahah" then they watched the movie then when it finished Niall said "Is it over?" Scarlett said "yes" Louis said "Oh god I think that was the scariest movie I've ever watched" Scarlett said "No watch The Grudge and tell me what you think" Niall said "I am not watching any scary movies ever" "You guys it wasn't even scary" Niall said "How are you not scared I didn't see you flinch once" "It wasn't scary" "weird" "hahahaha let's watch.." Louis said "No more scary movies" "I was going to say SpongeBob or are you scared of that too?" "hahahaha no we can watch that" "okay" then Scarlett put it on when they were watching it Scarlett fell asleep then when Niall noticed he got a thin blanket from the closet and covered her then Liam said "She's asleep?" "Yeah" "Oh" then they continued to watch TV then Harry walked into the kitchen and said "Morning" they all said "Morning" "Oh Liam your home" "yeah I'm cooking" "Wait Liam Your Home!?" "hahahaha yeah" "Scarlett how is she?" "She's fine she just had a panic and asthma attack" "She's in her room?" Louis said "Lower your voice lover boy" Niall said "shhhhh Harry" Liam said "she's not in her room" "What!" Louis said "Harry shut your mouth" "Why?" "Scarlett is asleep" "But Liam just said she's not in her room?" "Cause she's asleep right here on the couch" "Oh sorry" Then he sat at the table then Scarlett woke up and said "lower your voices I'm sleeping god!" Niall said "sorry we will lower our voices" "thanks Niall love yah bro" "hahahaha love yah too bro" then Scarlett went back to sleep. Then a little while later when she woke up she laid there watching SpongeBob then she got up and went to he bathroom then went back to the couch and laid down covering herself with the blanket Niall covered her with then Louis said "had a nice nap?" "Shhhhh lower your voice" "I'm not ever talking loud" "I said shhhhh" Niall said "feeling okay?" "Niall Shhhhh my head is about to explode" Louis said "Liam your daughters head is about to explode" "What!?" "Liam shhhhh" Liam walked up to her and said ""what's wrong?" "I has a headache so can we lower our voices" "oh no maybe it's cause you haven't ate" "maybe" "Well it's almost done I'll give you first" "okay" "have you took that pill" "I have to eat first" "oh okay then" Then Liam went back to the kitchen then Niall said "look for another movie to watch" Scarlett said "Um let's see there's your movie, The Fault In Our Stars, The Conjuring, Godzilla, Pitch Perfect, Transformers, and If I Stay" Niall said "I haven't seen The Fault In Our Stars" Louis said "let's watch that one" Then Scarlett put it on and they began to watch it in the middle of the movie Liam gave them there pizza then he sat on the couch followed by Harry and thy began to watch the movie then when the movie finished Scarlett said "that was sad" Louis said "wait Scarlett didn't we watch this movie?" "yeah we did" "it feels like we watched it for the first time" "yeah" then Scarlett laid down and put her back toward the TV then she got up got water then went to her room then Louis said "is she okay?" Liam said "I don't know" Niall said " I think it was the movie?" Liam said "It was it made her think of Valerie" Harry said "I'll go check on her" then he got up and walked to Scarlett's room when he got there he seen Scarlett sitting on the edge of her bed looking at the floor then Harry said "Hey" she looked smiled then said "hi" "you okay?" "yeah I just came to take my pill for my headache" "oh" "yeah" "how are you feeling?" "cold but good" "hahahaha that's good well not that your cold" "Yeah, so I failed to man up last night" "I see that but you sang good" "hahahaha thank you" "No problem" Harry then sat next to her then she rested her head on his arm then Harry said "I really didn't sleep last night" "why not?" "I was worried about my girlfriend" "hahahaha well I'm fine now" "I'm glad you are" "hahahahah" "hahahaha" "I'm cold back to the couch" "hahahaha let's go" then they got up and walked back to the couch then Harry sat down then Scarlett laid her head on his laps and basically used his legs like a pillow then got the blanket that Niall covered her with and covered herself then she said "So what's next guys?" Niall said "You choose" "okay" then Scarlett had put on there movie (This Is Us) then Louis said "I should've known" "Niall said to choose one and I want to watch this" "But this is embarrassing" "it's funny and I love this movie it never gets old" "well that's a fan for you" "Guys guess where I'm going on Saturday?" Niall said "shopping?" "No" Louis said "to watch this movie again?" "Nope" "then where?" "to the movies to see your new movie" Liam said "I should've known" "I'm so excited" "hahahaha" then Harry said "who are you going with?" "alone I guess" "I'll go with you if you want to?" "if you want to sure?" "Of course I do" "then we will go" "okay" Louis said "You guys just set up a date in front of us" Harry said "is that illegal?" "hahahahaha no I don't think so" Niall said "wait you guys are going out on a date?" Harry said "I can take my girlfriend out if I want" Niall said "Wait Girlfriend?!" Harry said "no one told you that me and Scarlett are together?" "No! Since When?" "Um 2 days ago" "A day after I asked Veronica?" "Yup" "Oh I see" "Yeah well basically on Veronica's birthday" "I see" then Harry said "Is she asleep?" Louis said "Yup she is" then Liam said "maybe she's tired" "maybe" "she's been through a lot especially last night" "true well we shall let her sleep then" Louis said "should we change the movie?" Niall said "No I want to watch it" then they all watched the movie then when it finished Michael walked in and yelled "I SMELL PIZZA!!" Louis said "Michael shut your pie whole" "what pizza" "I said shhhhh" "Oh Liam your home..... Wait Liam your home where is my buddy Scarlett is she still at the hospital?!" Liam said "lower your voice and yes I'm home and no she's asleep" "where I'm going to wake her up?" "Um in her room" "okay" then Michael left then Ashton walked in the kitchen and said "Oh Liam your home..... wait your home where is my buddy Scarlett!?" "Yes I'm home and she's asleep" "Awwwww man" then Michael yelled "SHE'S NOT IN HER ROOM!!" Louis said "Michael shut your mouth man!" "why?" "Scarlett is sleeping" "well she's not in her room" then Scarlett woke up and said "Michael don't make me kick you in the balls I'm sleeping you weenie now shut your mouth before I make you!!" Michael said "well then someone is grumpy" Harry said "she just fell asleep that's why" "Oh I'm sorry" then Scarlett told Harry "do you want me to move?" "No it's fine" "I'm cold" "want to go to your room better?" "No cause then I'll be wide awake and won't go back to sleep" "I can carry you?" "No are you crazy it's fine" then Niall said "Want me to get your blanket?" "Yes please Niall" then Niall got up and went to go get her blanket then he gave it to her then she said "thank you" then she covered herself then Harry said "better?" "yes but now I'm not tired" then she sat up and covered Harry then she pulled out her phone then went on Instagram and went on Liam's page and liked the picture that Scarlett took with Louis and Niall then she screenshot it and then went back to looking at pictures then she checked her notifications and then read the comments on her picture then Liam said "Scarlett when did you take this picture?" "Um when you were cooking hahahaha" "ninja skills" "big time that's the second time I do it" "I noticed" "hahahaha" then Michael said "I better keep my phone with me at all times then" Scarlett looked at the table then said "Hi buddy Michael" "hahahaha what happened to kicking me in the balls huh?" "hey you don't bother a sleeping Scarlett" "hahahaha" "it's true you just witnessed some of my grumpiness" "there's more oh god" "oh trust me you don't want to push my buttons" then Ashton walked in the kitchen and said "Your awake yay!" "hahahaha yeah Mr. loser woke me up" "who?" "Michael" Michael said "hey I thought we went over this already?" "Oh so you prefer me to call you baby then?" "No" "weenie?" "No I thought we agreed on buddy Michael" "hahahaha we did" "then?" "that's what you get for waking me up" "Oh I said sorry" "still" "hahahahah" "I'm bored" Liam said "it's only 12pm" "I'm bored though" "are you like okay to go out?" "yeah the only reason why I kept going to sleep is cause I'm tired" "oh I see" "yeah" "but are you sure?" "Yes dad I'm sure" then she walked to the kitchen and said "oh more pizza" "Yeah" "well I'll take this whole one and be on my way" "hahahaha no no no" "I was just kidding" "hahahahaha" "but can I have 1 more slice?" "sure" "thanks" then Liam gave her another slice then she said "here you haven't ate take a bite" "No I can wait" "dad I'm sharing pizza take this opportunity to cause I'm not going to do this again" "hahahaha fine" then Liam took a bit of the pizza then he said "thank you" "your welcome hahahaha" "what?" "you have sauce on your cheek" Scarlett said cleaning it off "oh hahahahah thanks love" "No problem dad" then Scarlett got water then Liam said "So your bored huh?" "yeah I am" "um well it's cold out there what do you want to do?" "Anything that's out there" "hahahaha" "hahahaha" "we can go to the fair?" "can we go?" "you want to go?" "yes" "okay well let me give the others some pizza then we can go" "Ohhh who's still asleep?" "Zayn" 'okay" Then Scarlett went upstairs and knocked on his door then she heard him say "go away I'm sleeping" she then opened the door and said "Zayn!" "go away let me sleep" "were going to the fair" "eh" "Scarlett and Liam are home" he then opened his eyes then he looked and said "Hi your okay?" "Yeah just had a panic and asthma attack from singing" "Oh but you did amazing" "thanks now Mr. get up were going to the fair and there's pizza go before me, Michael, Niall, and Louis eat it all" "fine wait who's going to the fair?" "Um me, Liam and who ever wants to come along" "okay I'll go spend the day with you and the lads well who ever goes" "Yay!" then Zayn got up and they both walked downstairs then they walked in the kitchen and Scarlett told Liam "I woke up Zayn" "hahahaha okay" Liam then gave him pizza then she said "I'm going to go change" "okay" then she went to her room and went on twitter on her laptop then noticed these fans were talking about these 2 songs Scarlett wrote them down they were called "Steal My Girl" and "Fireproof" then she went on YouTube and looked them up and noticed that they were from the boys (1D) she plugged in her speakers to the laptop then heard then while she went to go look for something to wear then when they finished she downloaded them on her phone then turned off her laptop got the speakers plugged the cord in her phone then made a playlist just for the 2 songs then went back to her closet and began to find something to wear she decided to wear black skinny jeans, a black shirt and on top of the shirt a red and black flannel and left it unbuttoned then she put her black and white converse on then put her hair in a high ponytail then put on mascara then brushed her teeth then she opened her door and put the music louder then she sat on her bed then went to the window opened it and climbed outside and just stood right there looking at the city from her roof then she walked back in her room got her headphones and put them in her ears and blasted the music in her ears then she walked downstairs then went to the backyard and sat on one of the chairs that were thee and looked at the sky then she went on twitter but got off shortly after cause she got bored then she got a text saying "Yo! hahahaha just letting you know that all 9 of us plus Veronica are going to the fair" she texted back "Hiiiiiii! and okay when are we leaving?" "when Veronica finishes getting ready" "okay then" then Scarlett sat there outside then she got a text from Veronica it said "You can tell Liam I'm ready already" "Okay I shall let him know" Scarlett then got up and went to her room and closed the window then she got her car charger then went downstairs and yelled "LIAM WERE READY TO GO!!!!!" "Okay let's go!"

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