Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


11. Chapter 11 (Spending the day with Harry, Bonfire, Panic Attack/Emergency Room)

The next morning when Scarlett woke up she checked the time and noticed it was 12pm she got up combed her hair then brushed her teeth then she went downstairs when she went down there all the guys and Veronica were there then Michael seen her then said "Well someone finally woke up" Scarlett said "morning everyone" then she poured herself some cereal then she sat at the table then Harry went and sat with her then he said "How'd you sleep?" "good you?" "good" "I wanna do it again tonight" "We should everyone had fun" "I'll tell Liam later" "okay" then Harry pulled out his phone then Scarlett said "Harry can I see your phone really fast?" "Sure love" then Harry gave Scarlett his phone and she went to the contacts and created a new one and put her number in there then she got her phone and put his number in there then she gave Harry his phone back then she said "here I'll let you put my contact name" "hahahaha okay" "I have your number too" "yay" "hahahaha" "So you want to do something today?" "Me and you?" "Yeah" "Sure I'd love to" "okay then" "I'm going to go get ready" "okay" then Denise went to her room got clothes then went to go shower when she got out she put on her shoes then put on her make up and combed her hair down to dry then someone knocked on the door then she said "come in" she looked and seen Veronica Scarlett said "how did it go last night?" "Amazing I had fun" "good" "yeah" "Anything happen?" "He kissed me" "Oh crap" "I know best birthday ever in a long time actually" "hahahahahah I bet" "He's the best" "he moves fast" "hahaha" "he's protective of me" "hahaha that's cute, so what did you need to tell me?" "I'm with Harry" "Wait! like together as in me and Niall together?" "Yes that kind of together as in he's my boyfriend" "Awwww that's cute" "hahahha Liam was okay with it" "well that's good" "yeah and we had a bonfire last night" "Oh I know we saw but we were tired so we went to sleep" "oh I'm going to tell Liam if we can do it again tonight so no plans everyone has to be there" "Okay then" "yeah" "anything else happen yesterday?" "Zayn finally talked to me" "that's great" "I know now were going to hang out soon" then Veronica sat on Scarlett's bed while Scarlett finished getting ready then Scarlett got her fedora then Veronica said "Are you going to wear that?" "Yeah" "Ohhhhh let me do your hair" "Okay then" then Veronica straightened Scarlett's hair when she finished she put the fedora on then she said "Now all you need is the red lipstick" "hahahaha" "can I put some on?" "Okay" then Veronica went to Niall's room the came back with lipstick in her hand she put some on Scarlett then she said "yup it looks better now" Scarlett looked in the mirror then she said "I like it thanks" "welcome" then they got up then went downstairs then Scarlett seen Liam she said "Dad?" "Yes" "Can we do the bonfire again tonight?" "Sure" "yay" then there was a knock on the door she walked to the door and opened it to see Perrie there she said "Hey Perrie" "Hi Scarlett" "looking for Zayn" "yeah" "I'll call him" "thanks" then Scarlett went to were everyone was at then said "Zayn Perrie is here for you" "Okay then there I go" "okay" then Zayn said bye to everyone then left with Perrie then Harry went up to Scarlett then he said "ready?" "yes I just need to get my money" "okay then" Scarlett then went to her room and got her purse and sunglasses then went back downstairs and seen Harry standing by the door then they walked out and started walking then Harry said "you look cute" "thank you Veronica helped me out" "It goes with you" "thank you" "Welcome so want to go to the mall?" "Sure" "okay" then they walked to the mall when they got there they walked around then they went in a store and Harry was looking for himself while Scarlett was doing the same then as she was looking around someone said "Scarlett?" she turned around and seen Ashley there with a girl around 14 years old she said "Hey Ashley" "How did your trip go?" "It went good sorry about leaving" "I understand I would've done the same also" "So what are you doing here?" "Nothing shopping with my little sister" "Oh cool" "And you?" "Same but with my boyfriend" "Oh nice nice" "Yeah were going to be out of town for a while that's why" "You and him?" "No it's a family thing" "Oh I see" then he little sister said "Your Liam's daughter huh?" "Yeah I am and how do you know?" "I'm a fan" Ashley said "she's like a big One Direction fan" "oh I see" Then Harry walked up to Scarlett and said "I didn't find anything" "I didn't either, Harry this is my friend Ashley and her little sister, girls this is Harry my boyfriend" Ashley said "Nice to meet you" her sister said "Your Harry Styles" Ashley said "No screaming" Harry said "yeah that's me" "hahahaha that's cool I got to meet Harry Styles oh lord" "what's your name?" "Katherine but everyone calls me Kathy" "Lovely name" "thanks" "Welcome" "Can I take a picture with you?" "Sure" then Harry and Kathy took a picture then she said "thank you" "Welcome" Then Ashley said "So Scarlett we need to hang out again soon" "I know I can let you know when I've been busy" "Sure just message me" "Alright I shall" "hahahahaha" Then Harry said "Well were going to go before it gets late cause we have other things to do" Scarlett said "Bye Kathy, Bye Ashely" they both said "bye" then Scarlett and Harry walked out of the store then Harry said "that's the girl you meet when you were out with Louis?" "Yeah" "she's nice" "hahaha yeah she is" "so let's try another store" "okay" Then they went into another store and went there ways looking around as Scarlett was looking she found 3 shirts one was white and said "Normal Is Boring" another one that was blue and had red stripes, and the last one said "Live Your Life" and had the Eiffel Tower in the background then she went to the dresses and looked around and didn't find any she liked then she looked more on the shirts and found a white shirt with blue stripes and found a white tank top with the American flag on it, then she also got some pants in the color red, pink, and black then she went up to Harry and said "find anything?" "yeah you?" "oh yeah" "hahahahaha well let's go pay" "okay" then they got in line and paid then went to a couple of more stores buying clothes then Harry said "want to head back it's getting dark already" "okay"  then they walked back to the house then Harry said "had fun?" "yeah I did you?" "Same plus I got to spend the day with you" "hahahahah that's cheesy" "hahahahaha" "Well I'm glad we did this today" "Me too" when they got home Scarlett went to her room and put her bags in the closet then went downstairs and then Scarlett said "Hi dad" "Hey" "hahaha um do you know where Veronica is at?" "Niall's room" "thanks" then Scarlett went to Niall's room she knocked on the door and Veronica opened it and said "Hey Scarlett" "hey Veronica um you busy?" "no just on the laptop" "oh" "Come in Niall's not in here" Scarlett then walked in and said "So did you know at the bonfire we have to sing" "like all together?" "Not really more like on your own or with me" "hahahahah I'll sing with you" "yay!" "What song you have in mind?" "Um either Amnesia or Something Great" "Oh we can do both" "Or instead of Amnesia we do Kiss Me Kiss Me" "Nah Amnesia" "Okay then we will do those two" "okay this will be fun" "for you yeah I'm freaking out" "Why?" "I don't like singing in front of people" "But this is family and your boyfriend" "I know let's hope I don't panic too much" "Panic attack?" "Yeah" "Well all you gotta do is act like there not there" "how?" "Act like you have earphones in your ears or that your alone don't look at them just stay looking at the fire or something" "I'll try that" "okay" then Scarlett got up and went to her room then when she sat down someone knocked on her door she said 'come in" her door opened and Ashton walked in then said "hey" "hi" "busy?" "no why?" "Liam wants me and you to go to the market" "Alright let's go" Then they got in the car and went to the market when they got there they walked in and got what thy needed plus stuff for s'mores then they paid and went back home then Ashton said "you look nice" "thank you" When they got home they walked inside and then began to take the things out of the bags then the doorbell rang and Liam went to get the door, he came back moments later with boxes of pizza he put them on the counter then he said "Scarlett can you get me 11 plates for me?" "sure" Scarlett then got the plates then handed them to him then after that she sat at the table and was her phone then she looked outside and seen Harry sitting out there Scarlett then got up and walked out there she sat at the end of the chair and said "Hey" "Hi" "You okay?" "Yeah just getting fresh air" "oh" "Come sit with me" "hahahaha okay" Scarlett then sat next to Harry the he said "I really do love this hat on you" "thank you" "Welcome" "Don't you have some?" "Yeah I do" "cool" Then Harry took the hat and put it on him then Scarlett said "Hahahaha they go with you" "hahahaha" "it's the curls" "oh really?" "yeah well that's what I think" "hahahahah" Then Scarlett got the fedora and put it back on her head then Harry said "You really do love that necklace huh?" "Of course I do you gave it to me" "it' cause I love you" "and I love you too" "hahahah" "and I love unicorns" "hahahahah" "there just there and so cute" "and pink" "that too" "hahahaha your cute too" "your cuter" "no you are" "we both are hahahahaha nah you are" "hahahaha your super cute" "hahahah I've liked you longer so your cute I win" "that's true" "hahahaha" "but I still think your cute" "okay fine you win too" "yay we both win high five" "hahahaha oh my god my stomach hurts from all this laughing" "hahahaha it's cause were having a good time" "yes we are that is true" Then back inside Veronica went up to Liam and said "they look so happy" "this is the most I've seen her smile" "me too" "she's happy that's all that I care about" "same thing for me" "I'm glad I adopted her she's the best thing that's happened to me" "Awwwww cute" "hahahah" "Liam your the best thing that's happened to her in 2 years cause it's been full of deaths and crying and you Liam saved her you truly are Batman" "she told me what she was planning to do when she turned 18" "the thing I was planning to do?" "yeah that" "oh" "that's why I'm so glad I didn't leave her I mean yeah I adopted her but I don't think of being adopted I see her as my own daughter" "but that's a good thing" "yeah" "she really does love you Liam" "I love her too she's my little girl" "well she won't be little soon" "right she's turning 18" "yeah they grow up so fast" "hahahha" "it's true" "yeah I know" "I just don't want her to be sad anymore" "me either it's suppose to be a new start I mean she has a boyfriend, new family, new friend, new house, it's a new her" "yeah that is true and I'm hoping she won't be sad for years to come" "hahahah I know" "and the only thing that I don't want to happen but it will is the hate for dating Harry" "I know but the only thing we can do is help her through it be by her side" "I know and that for sure I'll be right there for her" "I'm sure we all will be right there for her" "well yeah" then back outside Harry said "So are you singing tonight?" "Well yeah Liam is forcing me to do it" "it's cause everyone has to do it" "but I don't want to" "but your voice" "but I'm shy" "but you have to" "but I don't want to" "but too bad" "but I don't wanna" "but everyone has to" "but I know hahahaha" "but nothing your doing it" "ughhhh fine" "hahahahahah" "not funny" "your singing alone?" "No with Veronica were doing 2 songs" "Oh which ones?" "I'm not telling you, you will have to wait sir" "awwwww man" "hahahah" "So can I know what your singing?" "no no no Harry you will find out tonight" "but your probably going to do it at the end" "Um no I want to do mine first to get them over with" "Oh then I'll hear them in like an hour" "oh god yes you will" "can't wait" "hahahah" "what?" "nothing I laugh when I'm nervous" "oh" "if I get really nervous I end up backing out" "well you can't do that" "oh trust me I'm trying not to hahahah" "why are you nervous your voice is like amazing love" "I don't like singing in front of people" "why not?" "I've always been like that like in school I never like going up in front of the class I would panic" "Oh no is there anyways that you can sing with out being nervous like you did in the car?" "Um only focus on the music but since there will be no voices I'll listen to Niall or whoever is playing the guitar" "oh no wonder" "yeah" "yup" "I'm sure I'll be fine I mean I'll be nervous but I can man up hahahaha" "hahahaha yes you need to do that" "hahahaha I will" "hahahaha" "I'm going to go in man mode" "hahahah" "for a while cause were doing 2 songs" "hahahah okay then" "hahahaha" Then it was quiet then Harry said "you okay?" "um yeah I'm just thinking" "about what?" "life" "oh" "yeah but it's all good things" "okay then" Then the back door opened and Veronica walked out then sat across from Scarlett and Harry and said "hey" "hi" they both said "Oh Scarlett um I wanted to talk to you about the songs" "oh okay" then she added "meet me in my room" "okay" then Veronica walked inside then she said "I'll be back okay love" "okay my love" Scarlett then kissed Harry on the cheek then got up and walked inside then she went to her room and Veronica was on her bed then Scarlett said "So what's up?" "I don't want to sing tonight" "what! why?" "I'm nervous" "You can't back out what am I going to do?" "I don't know" "Veronica you can't back out!" "I am!" "Ugh" Scarlett then walked out of her room then Liam said "what's wrong?" "I'm not singing tonight" "you have too" "Liam I don't want to" "okay okay you don't have to" "I'm sorry maybe next time" "it's okay" Then Scarlett went downstairs and walked out the front door and walked then she sent a text to Harry it said "Um sorry not going back there so don't wait for me I guess" "Oh but I wanted to be with you" "oh um I'm not home I'll be back soon though" "you left with Veronica?" "NO alone I'm not going to sing tonight" "what? Why?" "Veronica backed out" "Why?" "She got nervous" "oh" "I'll do it next time" "okay then" "sorry" "don't be it's fine" "I guess" "where are you going?" "just walking for a bit" "Please be careful" "I will" "and remember I love you" "I love you too Harry" Then Scarlett just walked around town then she decided to go back since it was dark already when she got home she went to her room closed the door locked it then took off her fedora put her hair in a braid then took off her makeup and lipstick then she put on pajama pants and a shirt then she laid in bed with the lights off then she opened her window and sat on the roof, from her room she could see the backyard and she seen that some of the guys were sitting out there and Veronica, Niall had the guitar and the fire was on then she just sat there then she got a piece of paper and wrote on it "Do Not Disturb In The Shower" then she put it on the door then she closed and locked her door then turned off the light then she went back to the roof then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "are you coming down?" "no I don't feel like it" "Oh" "yeah sorry dad" "no problem it's fine" "just you guys do it I'm not in the mood" "I see it's fine just relax okay" "Okay I will if they ask say I don't feel well" "okay I will" "okay bye dad" "bye love" Then she sat there then she got a text from Harry it said "Hey your not going to come down?" "I don't feel well" "Awwww I was hoping to cuddle with you again" "I'm sorry" "Come on please I want you here with me" "I don't feel well" "what's wrong?" "I'm cold" "Are you getting sick?" "I don't know" "I'm going to get you" "I don't wanna" "then I'll stay with you" "No stay down there" "No your my girlfriend I want to be with you I can be with them whenever" "no stay" "no" then there was a knock on the door then Scarlett said "who is it?" "Your not in the shower" "Harry I told you to stay" "no it's either you come down or I stay with you" "Neither" "Come on" Scarlett then opened the door then Harry walked in and closed the door then he said "Please love" "I don't wanna" "why?" "Just not in the mood" "Please" "don't push my buttons Styles" "I just wanna spend this night with you" "but if I go down everyone is going to ask if I'm going to sing" "just say no and that's it" "ugh" "Please my love" "Fine, Fine, Fine" Scarlett then put on socks and got a blanket then she opened the door and took off the sign on the door then her and Harry walked to the kitchen then she said "Hold on I'm going to get water my throat kinda hurts" "Okay then" "want one?" "Yes please" Then she got 2 water bottles then gave one to Harry then they walked outside and they sat on the same chair then Scarlett laid her head on Harry's arm while the others talked then Liam said "okay who wants to g first?" then Zayn said "I'll go" Zayn then sang "Truly, Madly, Deeply" when he finished everyone clapped then they talked for a while, Scarlett didn't really talk though then Harry whispered "Are you sure you don't want to sing?" "I don't know" "it's okay if you don't want to do it" "I want to do Amnesia" "why not ask one of the guys" "Cause I also want to do Something Great" "oh" "Oh I have an idea" Scarlett then got up and went up to Ashton, Michael, Luke, and Calum and told them that they should sing Amnesia with her they agreed then they talked about how they were going to sing the song then Ashton went inside really fast and got his little drum thingy then after they finished talking Scarlett said "Liam I want to go next" "okay then" then Michael began to play the music and Scarlett and the 4 boys began to sing then when they finished Harry said "that was amazing love" "thank you" then Scarlett said "thank you boys" they all said "No problem" then Scarlett told Harry "Be right back" "Okay" then Scarlett got up and went to her room and took her inhaler cause truth is she was really panicking so she took it and sat on her bed for a while then she started to feel dizzy so she called Liam when he answered he said "Hello" "Liam I don't feel well I feel dizzy" "Where are you?" "My room" "there I go" "okay" then 2 minutes later Liam walked in and said "Are you okay?" "I panicked" "Okay please calm down" "Liam that's why I didn't want to do it" "Scarlett calm down" "I can't breathe" "get in the car were going to the hospital" "I can't get up too weak" Liam then got Scarlett bridal style and fast walked to the car then he said "let me get your shoes" "okay" then Liam walked in the house then when Scarlett seen him at the door she also saw Harry, Ashton, Michael, Zayn, and Luke then Liam ran to the car and put her shoes on the floor then drove to the hospital when they got there he told the nurse what had happened then they took Scarlett and made Liam wait in the waiting room panicking then he got a text from Harry it said "Is she okay?" "I don't they took her I'm in the waiting room" "let me know what they say" "will do" "Don't worry Liam she's a strong girl she will be okay" "I hope so she's my little girl I don't want to lose her I just got her" "She will be fine" "I hope so" Then Liam went on twitter and tweeted "I hope she's okay she's my little girl I can't lose her" then he checked the time and it was 11:30pm and they had got to the hospital at 9:00pm and they still haven't told Liam anything on what happened, then finally at 12am a doctor went to the waiting room and said "Scarlett's family" Liam stood up then walked up to the doctor then he said "How is she?" "Your her...." "Dad well adoptive dad" "Okay and she's fine she had a panic/asthma attack um she told me that she was taking her inhaler but it didn't help so that can happen in cases like this but she's fine" "So just a panic/asthma attack" "yes sir but we did a CT scan of her head and everything is fine just a panic/asthma attack" "thank you doctor" "your welcome" "can I go see her?" "she's asleep but you can stay in there" "okay" Then Liam followed the doctor to Scarlett's room when they got there Liam said "thank you" "your welcome. Oh we would let her go home tonight but we wanted to keep her overnight just in case anything happens" "okay thank you again" "No problem" Then the doctor walked out then Liam sat on the chair next to her bed and pulled out his phone then tweeted "thank god" then he held Scarlett's hand then he rested his head on the bed and fell asleep holding Scarlett's hand.

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