Adopted By Who???

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


10. Chapter 10 (Happy Birthday Veronica, Zayn hates me?)

The next morning when Scarlett woke up she went to the restroom and took a shower then she got ready when she was done she got her money then went downstairs when she got there Liam said "Morning, your up early" "Morning I know um can you drive me to the electronic store please" "Sure" "thanks dad" "no problem" then they got in Liam's car then drove to the store when they got there Scarlett had told Liam to wait for her in the car as she wouldn't be long then she walked in and went to the laptops then got one and a sd card with lot's of space then she went to go pay then she went back to the car when she got in there Liam said "All done?" "No one more stop" "okay" then they stopped at a store and Scarlett got off then went inside and looked for wrapping paper she decided to get One Direction wrapping paper thn paid for that then went back in the car then she said "Now we can go home" "okay" then when they got home Scarlett got all the bags then she went to her room then when she got there she closed the door and went to the closet and wrapped the laptop and sd card then put them away till later then she went back downstairs then Liam said "So what did you buy?" "Laptop" "Why you already have one?" "hahahah I know it's for someone that's why" "Oh hahahah" "yeah" then Scarlett sat on the table while Liam cooked then Scarlett went on twitter and got a picture of her and Veronica then put "Happy Birthday Veronica I Love You So Much Yay Your 19 Now You Old Person Have An Amazing Day And I Love You So Much" then she added a picture of Veronica then she put the same thing on Instagram tagging her in both posts then Liam handed Scarlett a plate of food then Scarlett said "thanks dad" "no problem" Then someone walked in the living room Scarlett looked to see Zayn she smiled then Liam said "Morning mate your up early" "Morning Perrie woke me up going out for the day with her" then the door bell rang then Scarlett said "I got it" then she got up and went to the door she opened it to see Perrie there then Scarlett said "morning lovely" "morning Scarlett" "Looking for Zayn?" "Yup, he better be awake" "He is I'll call him for you" "okay thanks" Scarlett then walked to the kitchen then she heard Zayn say "I want to talk to her but I don't know I just can't" "Why not lad" "I don't know it's not like she wants to talk to me" "trust me she does" "how do you know that Harry?" "I just know" "No she doesn't I sometimes think that Liam should've never adopted her" "Oh" then Scarlett walked in and said "Zayn, Perrie wants you" "Oh" then Scarlett sat back at the table then a little after she got up then went to her room before she got to her room someone said "you okay love?" she looked to see Louis there she said "Just well no" "what's wrong?" "I heard Zayn and Harry talking about me" "Are you sure it was about you?" "Zayn said that he thinks that Liam should've never adopted me" Scarlett said crying" "What?" "he doesn't like me" "why would he say something like that?" "I don't know" Scarlett then walked in her room closed the door then locked it then there was a knock on the door and Louis said "Scarlett" "What?" "Can I come in?" "No I want to be alone please" "come on please" "look he hates me okay that's the end of it maybe Liam should've never adopted me that way I could've died in a couple of days" "Don't say that" "You don't know what it feels like to be hated by the person well one of them who saved your life" "Scarlett come on I'm sure he didn't mean it" "Yes he did even Harry was shocked" "Scarlett open the door" "Louis I just want to be alone please" "come on Scarlett please" Scarlett finally gave up and opened the door and let Louis in then she closed the door then he said "Please don't cry" "how can I not cry when someone I love so much hates me?" then she calmed down then Louis said "You okay?" "Yeah hurt but okay" "Ugh Zayn man" "hey he doesn't like me it's fine" "I don't want it to be though" "I mean I still like him just he doesn't" "Ugh" "Maybe he will like Liam's real kids" Scarlett then put her phone in her pocket got her sunglasses then opened her door then went downstairs then Louis yelled "Scarlett!" then she walked out of the house slamming the door behind her then she walked to the park when she got there she sat in the shade under a tree then her phone began to ring like crazy then when Liam called for the 50 millionth time Scarlett answered and said "Hello" "thank god you finally answered" "what's up?" "where are you at?" "away from home" "Louis is worried about you he told me you left the house" "I did" "Why?" "I don't want to talk about it I'll cry again" "Where are you at?" "At the park" "Okay there I go" "Okay, I'm by the playground under a tree" "Okay then see you soon" then she put her phone down then a couple of minutes later Liam walked up to her and said "what's wrong?" "Zayn told Harry that he sometimes thinks that you should've never adopted me" "what?" "He doesn't like me that's why he hasn't talked to me" "Oh" "Yeah but I am just ignoring the whole thing cause I'm tired of crying already" "okay then let's get you back home" then she got up then they walked to Liam's car then went back to the house when they got there Scarlett went to her room and washed her face then she put eye drops in her eyes to take the redness away then she sat on the balcony for 30 minutes then looked in the mirror to see that it didn't look like she was crying then she went downstairs then sat at the table again the someone sat next to her she looked to see Harry there he said "Hey love" "Hi hahaha" "what are you doing?" "Not much and you?" "Talking to you" "hahahahaha" then Veronica and Niall walked in the kitchen then they sat down then Scarlett said "Morning you two lovebirds" they both laughed and said "Morning Scarlett" then Scarlett got up and went to her room and got the gifts then she went back to the kitchen then she walked up to Veronica then said "Veronica?" "yes" then she said "Happy Birthday" then she handed her the box then she said "Oh my gosh you didn't have to do this Scarlett" "But I wanted to" then Scarlett sat back down then Veronica opened it then said "Oh my thank you so much" "Your welcome" "You bought this alone?" "Yup I had enough to pay for it" "thank you so much" "No problem" then Veronica went to the room then Scarlett got up to get water then Niall said "She didn't tell me it was her birthday" "it's not your fault" "what should I do?" "Take her to a buffet or something like that no fancy stuff do casual stuff like go to the movies, walk in the park at night, just spend time with her" "really?" "Yeah trust me I know her" "Okay thank you Scarlett" "No problem and make sure to put it in your calendar" "I will" "okay" "what should I get her?" "Um not sure let me think what she told me she wanted hahah" "She was telling me that her camera was breaking down" "Ohhhhhh Niall there you go" "a camera?" "Yes" "okay want to come with me?" "Okay let's go" then they both walked out of the house and got in the car and went to the electronic store then when they got there Niall got her a camera then they went to go pay then went back to the house when they got there Niall said "Can you wrap it for me?" "of course" then Niall gave his number to Scarlett then she got the bag and quickly went to her room and began to wrap it then when she finished he called Niall telling him that he was done then he went to her room and got the gift then they both went back downstairs then Niall said "Veronica?" "Yes" "Happy Birthday" "Awwww Niall thank you, did Scarlett wrap it?" "welcome and yes" she then opened it then she said "Oh my thank you so much" "Your welcome I got a little help from Scarlett" "hahaha thank you" then Scarlett went outside and sat on the bench out there in the shade and then pulled out her phone then went on Instagram and liked pictures then she got bored so he got off then she began to read while listening to music then she got bored so she laid her head on the bench and just starred at the pool then 5 minutes later she closed her eyes then took a nap. Then the sound of Scarlett's phone woke her up she answered it then said "Hello" "Hey love" "Oh hi dad" "Harry wants to talk to you" "Where?" "Your room" "Okay there I go" "Okay then good luck love you" "Hahaha thanks and love you too" then she got up then went to her room when she got there she seen Harry sitting on her desk chair then Scarlett said "Hey Liam said you wanted me?" "Yeah hahaha can we talk?" "sure" Scarlett closed the door then he said "somewhere private?" "closet?" "Okay" then they walked in Scarlett's walk-in closet then she closed the door then she sat on the floor and said "what's up?" "well there's a lot" "Okay I'm listening" "well okay let me get to the point, I like you Scarlett not like you as in yeah your cool but like you as in I love you" "Me you like me?" "Yes I do, I'm in love with you Scarlett" "Well you already know that I like you" "hahaha yeah I do, which is why I talked to Liam already" "You already talked to him?" "Yeah I did" "Oh I see" "yeah I got to het Payne-o's permission first for what I'm about to do" Harry then sat next to Scarlett then he said "Scarlett will you be my girlfriend?" "Me you want me?" "Yes you hahahahah" "I'll be your girlfriend" "hahaha cuddle buddy" "hey I told you would find a cuddle buddy" "hahahaha I know" "that's why you asked me if I wanted to cuddle with you or not" "yeah hahahaha smart girl' "it all makes sense" "hahahaha" then a little while after they both got out then went to her room then Scarlett sat on her bed then Harry on her desk chair then they talked then they went downstairs then Harry went with the lads then Scarlett went to the table then Liam sat next to her then he said "hey love" "hi dad" "So?" "hahahaha he did it dad and now were a thing" "Hahhahaha yay I thought he was going to chicken out" "No he didn't" "okay, Scarlett I know you don't want to talk about it but what Zayn said was wrong" "I know it is but if that's what feels or thinks then that's on him I don't want to make people talk or like me like I said I don't like attention" "I know you don't but I don't know why he's thinking like that he's kinda the one who was like really happy that I was going to adopt?" "he probably thought you were getting a little kid?" "I told him I didn't have an age range so to not expect a little kid and he totally understood" "then why does he not like me is what I wanna know I did nothing wrong I'm a good kid I don't do drugs or drink like what am I too much of a good girl for him?" "I don't know love but I'm hoping he warms up to you like maybe he hasn't been around you enough to fully know you?" "he hasn't that's the thing" "I know" "Yeah" "No one is leaving tonight right?" "No" "why don't we ALL have a bonfire?" "Ohhhhh can we make s'mores?" "yes but everyone has to join even Zayn" "He's not even home" "Oh trust me he is going to come home soon" "okay then I guess" then Liam yelled "BOYS ME AND SCARLETT ARE GOING TO THE MARKET NO PLANS WERE HAVING A BONFIRE TONIGHT AND EVERYONE HAS TO BE THERE!!!!!!" then Liam and Scarlett got in Liam's car and went to the market when they got there they got the things they needed then paid then got in the car and went home when they got home they walked in and seen all the lads plus Zayn on the couch watching tv then Scarlett took the things out of the bags and put them away then went outside with Liam then she said "What about Niall and Veronica?" "there fine it's her birthday" "true" while Liam set up everything Scarlett went to her room and changed to warm pajamas then put on fluffy socks then her hair in a messy bun then went back outside when she got there she sat on a chair then Liam said "so that's where you went" "yeah to get comfy" "hahaha I'm going to call the rest" "okay" Scarlett then sat there on her phone then all of the guys came out on one side of Scarlett sat Harry and Scarlett looked to the other side of her and out of all of the boys in the house that were there Zayn decided to sit next to her then they all started talking and laughing then they were talking about how scared the others get when they watch scary movies then Liam said "the lads got scared so bad on time when we were watching a scary movie it was hilarious" Zayn said "hey the lights in the house went off by there selves" Harry said "the movie was scary" Louis said "Harry you and Zayn were the ones who got scared the most" Ashton said "these lads are the same" Luke said "Ashton you have gotten scared before too" Calum said "most of the time it's you" Michael said "you like hang onto us for dear life hahaha" then everyone laughed then Luke said "so Scarlett you haven't talked tonight is there any scary movie that has really scared you?" Michael said "Scarlett is weird" Scarlett said "there is a few that have but the other day I was watching a movie with Michael and he kept on getting scared the movie wasn't even scary at all" Michael said "Yes it was" "No hahahahaha your just a baby" "were not starting this again" "hahahahahaha okay then" Zayn said "What was the name of the movie?" Michael said "I don't remember" Scarlett said "it was called Devil's Due" Ashton said "Really Michael that movie I didn't even get scared of it" Michael said "okay I get it" Louis said "So Scarlett what movie has scared you?" "there was only one" Michael said "see weird child" Harry said "which one was it?" "The Grudge" Zayn said "that one was horrible I seen it too" Luke said "is it that scary?" Scarlett said "trust me it's bad I couldn't sleep for weeks I literally looked like a walking zombie" Liam said "Oh god" Calum said "that's the only one?" "yeah just that one I'm a big fan of scary movies they are my movie obsession hahaha" then they all laughed and talked some more then slowly Ashton, Luke, Michael, Calum, and Louis went inside and went to sleep then it was Scarlett, Zayn, and Harry outside still talking then Harry had went inside to use the bathroom and Liam was inside getting more things for s'mores then Scarlett and Zayn were sitting there in silence then Zayn said "I'm sorry for what I told Harry" "Oh um it's okay" "I'm sorry" "It's okay now really" "look I don't want us to not talk cause were family now how about we hangout one day so I can really get to know you?" "Sure sounds good just let me know when" "Okay I will" "okay" "I know what I said was wrong and once I said it I wanted to take it back cause I don't know you much so to say that to someone I don't know is like judging them and that I don't do" "I'm not mad" "how can you not be mad I'm mad at myself?" "I've been hated before so I've learned to just ignore it although sometimes I can't ignore it depends on the situation" "Oh I see" "yeah so that's why I'm not mad" "Oh" "I just want to forget about that and move on were talking now it's a good start" "true true" "hahahah" "well I'm going to sleep good night" "Night" then Zayn went inside and went to sleep then moments later Scarlett, Harry and Liam had all gone to sleep as well.

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