Until We Meet Again

~"We'll Meet Again Soon!" Dylan Shouted after the silver hyundai that I was currently sitting in while it drove away.~

Hi I'm Everly Miller. I moved away from all of my friends and family when I was only in the 7th grade to move to England for my dads job transfer. We lived in England for about 2 years. My dad ended up getting transferred again all the way to Australia. When We moved for the third time to Australia I was only in my sophomore year in high school. This time my dad promised we would stay here for good until I went off to college. That made me happier. Since my family had been known to move very frequently I didn't really enjoy socializing because I knew that one day I would be moving again, and also because of an incident that happened back in California...


1. "We'll Meet Again I Promise"

"We'll Meet Again I Promise"            

His words kept ringing in my mind. It's been two years since I've seen or heard from him last and I still remember the last 5 words he said to me. Today was definitely not the day to be moping about, today we're moving to Australia, where my dad promised would be the last place we moved until college. That made me a little excited cause that meant I could actually probably keep a friend. Ever since my dad started getting job transfers all around the world I could never really keep or let alone make any friends. Mostly cause no one, and I mean no one wanted to be friends with the new American girl. 

I hopped out of my bed and dizzily made my way to my practically empty bathroom. "Everly! Hurry up we only have 3 hours til our flight!" I heard my mother yell as I turned the nozzle of the shower to hot. When I hopped out of the shower and looked at the clock I realized that I spent WAY too much time in the shower, I had 1 hour and 30 minutes exactly to get dressed pack up the rest of my things and go downstairs to eat. "Holy Shit! I am so not gonna have enough time to get ready!" I thought while frantically searching for my jeans and sweatshirt.I was wearing a light grey loose sweater over my favorite band shirt and black skinny jeans, also just some random old pair of converse that I had laying around on my bed. I ran to my bathroom and hurriedly put on my makeup, I didn't really care how I looked so I just put on foundation, concealer, and mascara. As for my hair, that has just been brushed and straightened. "Oh Great." I mumbled as I looked at my clock 15 minutes to finish packing. I grabbed all the scattered clothes that were laying on my floor and stuffed them into a bag that held all of my other clothes, I did the same thing with my shoes, and as I went to look for my phone charger behind my old bed I found a picture of me and him... a picture of me and Dylan when  it was the last day of 6th grade. I slightly smiled but than felt a wet tickle fall down on my cheek and realized how much I actually missed my life in California. I grabbed the picture and stuffed it in my purse as well as my charger and headphones. The last thing I did as I stood up was check o make sure I had everything. once I was sure I did I walked down stairs with all of my bags and silently went to the loaded car outside.


"Sweetie, do you want anything to eat or drink since you didn't have any breakfast this morning." my dad asked as we were heading to the gate to board our plane to Australia. "U-uhm no, I'm fine I had a granola bar earlier on the way over here." "Okay, you sure?" "Yep." I gave him a reassuring smile as we headed to sit down.

*25 minutes later*

"Flight 201, please head to gate 43 to board the plane. " the lady on the intercom spoke clearly so everyone would understand. At least the airport intercom speakers can be understood I thought as I remembered my time in California going grocery shopping with my mom and not being to understand a single word those people on the intercom said. "Everly! Get Up Our Plane is Boarding!" My dad rudely interrupted me from my thoughts and music as I stood up to a terrible headrush. "Grab your bag sweetie and lets go." my mom said as she walked past me to get in line to board the plane. 

I turned out my dad only bought 2 tickets sitting next to each other so I had to sit alone in the row behind them. As I boarded the plane and went to my seat in the middle of the row I noticed a kid that looked in a way my age but  I wasn't sure. He noticed me once i sat down and started blasting my music through my headphones. "No way! You like Nirvana too!" I heard him say while looking at me. Ooo I guess I was playing my music to loud. "Uh, yea you listen to them too?" i said while pulling out my headphones and pausing my music. "Uhh, hello thats like one of the best bands ever! of course I listen to them, although I can never find anyone else that listens to them. Well atleast until now. Oh, and by the way I'm Luke." "Hi, I'm Everly." "So are you like just visiting or moving to Australia?" "I'm moving here actually. My dad got a job transfer." "Oh thats cool! You're gonna love it! I've here for my whole life." As we talked I noticed how much stronger his accent got and realized that I think I just made a new friend. Before I knew it the plane had already landed and it was time to get off. "We should hang out sometime, if you're ever in Sydney that is." Luke said as we both exited the the plane "Well, I actually am moving to Sydney, so yea we could hang out." he smiled as I ran to catch up with my parents.

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