Until We Meet Again

~"We'll Meet Again Soon!" Dylan Shouted after the silver hyundai that I was currently sitting in while it drove away.~

Hi I'm Everly Miller. I moved away from all of my friends and family when I was only in the 7th grade to move to England for my dads job transfer. We lived in England for about 2 years. My dad ended up getting transferred again all the way to Australia. When We moved for the third time to Australia I was only in my sophomore year in high school. This time my dad promised we would stay here for good until I went off to college. That made me happier. Since my family had been known to move very frequently I didn't really enjoy socializing because I knew that one day I would be moving again, and also because of an incident that happened back in California...


3. The Characters

This is basically what Everly looks like...

and this is what Dylan is looks like...

and if you don't or want to know what 5sos looks like just look them up cause I'm too lazy to find somewhat attractive pictures of them.


If you like the story plz tell me it would make me happy to hear that you actually like my writing. Bye! :)

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