Until We Meet Again

~"We'll Meet Again Soon!" Dylan Shouted after the silver hyundai that I was currently sitting in while it drove away.~

Hi I'm Everly Miller. I moved away from all of my friends and family when I was only in the 7th grade to move to England for my dads job transfer. We lived in England for about 2 years. My dad ended up getting transferred again all the way to Australia. When We moved for the third time to Australia I was only in my sophomore year in high school. This time my dad promised we would stay here for good until I went off to college. That made me happier. Since my family had been known to move very frequently I didn't really enjoy socializing because I knew that one day I would be moving again, and also because of an incident that happened back in California...


2. New Home, New Life, New Friends, New Me

       We walked out of the airport, me tiredly following my parents to our Aunt's currently parked car as she patiently waited. Yes, my Aunt lives in Australia, she moved here for college cause she wanted to attend a dance school. "Trisha, how've you been?!" I heard my mom say to her sister that we haven't seen in 4 years. "I've been good, how about you?" "We've been really good." My mom and dad both replied as I just stood there awkwardly in my sweater and skinny jeans. "Everly! Ohh, you've grown so much!" my Aunt Trisha said while coming to me and practically killing me in one of her death hugs. "Hi Aunt Trisha." "Oh Everly, I already know how many friends you're gonna make here there are sooo many nice kids around your age." she said excitedly clearly jumping with joy. "Well it'll be good for Everly to finally make new friends." my dad joked with me. "Okay not to be rude but can we please get home? I am really tired I haven't slept since this morning." I cut in whilst yawning. "Oh of course sweetie." my mother said while opening the door for me to get into Aunt Trisha's car.

       The car ride was silent, and actually very long. In my calculations it took us about 2 hours to get there. I was lucky and got an hour long nap cause we all know I'll be to busy on Tumblr tonight then to go to sleep. I was also a very lucky to not have school for another 4 or 5 days because it was still considered 'winter break'  around this time so I get to stay in my room and not socialize. After listening to my parents and Aunt Trisha's boring adult talks we finally made it to our new house that looked like a mansion compared to our old house in England, and our house in England was pretty damn big. "Hey mom. I have 2 questions for you."  I simply stated to my mother as we were getting out of the car. "Yes sweetie? Ask away." "Okay question 1. Is there an already made bed in my room?" "Yes there is." "Okay and question 2. Where is my room?" "Go up the stairs last room on the left. But take your bags before you go up there." She said while violently tossing me my bags out of the trunk. "Ok! Bye people, I shall not socialize until I must go to the torturous place called school!" I shouted back to probably the last people I would see for the rest of the week as I ran to the house to get to my room and unpack.

        The house was really nice. It had high ceilings and really nice wood and tile flooring. I walked straight over to the grand looking quartz staircase as I started to climb the tiled stairs. I ran my hand along the shiny polished handrail until I made it to the top of the stairs. I must say I've never been one to actually enjoy the rich living standards or noticing every single detail in an architecture but this building was damn fine if I do say so myself. I followed my mothers instructions to go to the last bedroom on the left. As I walked I counted many other rooms there was 1,  2,  3,  4, until you finally got to my room. I bet one of them was the master bedroom another one was probably a bathroom and the other two were most likely just guest rooms. I reached my hand out to the smooth metallic finished silver handle that acted as a barricade for the room behind it. The coldness of the handle felt different as I slowly turned the knob walking into a fairly large room painted cream with gold accents. My parents didn't know my favorite colors so I assumed that the house just originally came with these detailings. I was actually glad that my parents hadn't jumped to conclusions to have my room painted my favorite colors because I was starting to really like the cream colored walls with gold detailing.

     I put down my stuff on the nearest table and just looked in awe at my new room.

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