Until We Meet Again

~"We'll Meet Again Soon!" Dylan Shouted after the silver hyundai that I was currently sitting in while it drove away.~

Hi I'm Everly Miller. I moved away from all of my friends and family when I was only in the 7th grade to move to England for my dads job transfer. We lived in England for about 2 years. My dad ended up getting transferred again all the way to Australia. When We moved for the third time to Australia I was only in my sophomore year in high school. This time my dad promised we would stay here for good until I went off to college. That made me happier. Since my family had been known to move very frequently I didn't really enjoy socializing because I knew that one day I would be moving again, and also because of an incident that happened back in California...


4. New Friends?

    Today was the dreaded day I never wish had to come. The day my mom has made me go and socialize. I had barely even finished unpacking my stuff one day when my mother came into my room and told me the awful news that I had to go out out and  'Making Friends'. I almost got out of this terrible punishment by pretending to be sick, but that didn't work. Everything I tried never worked, It's like my mom knew everything I was planning. I don't like this terrible fate of me having to be sociable. 

    I got out of my bed, after trying all of the excuses that came to my mind, and went to the bathroom that was luckily connected to my bedroom. As I made my way to my bathroom I overheard my parents quietly talking outside of my room. "We should tell her today before she leaves to the park or wherever you told her to go." "David, we can't tell her yet, she's not ready." at those three words m mother last said made me practically lose it. I feistily opened my bedroom door to find my parents talking outside their room which was across the hall from me. "What am I not ready for?!" I yelled at them in almost a crude type of tone but with more curiosity than anger in my voice. "Sweetie, we have to tell you something." "Uhh, yeah I heard practically all of your guys' conversation." "Any way the thing we need to tell you is that." "Your mother is pregnant Everly. She's pregnant." my dad finally cut me from my horrible awful suspense. "You seriously thought that I wasn't ready to hear that you were pregnant." I cut in afterwards with a mocking chuckle. "And it's also a boy." my mother said instead of replying to my question. "Wait, how long have you been pregnant?" I asked very curious about the situation. "About 2 and a half months now." "Oh, cool so you only have like 7 or 6 months until it's due. But anyway, I have to go get ready for torture, so adios amigos."

    I was still in my pajamas so I got a sudden rush of happiness because I got to stay inside of my room longer. I found a sheer white lace dress and a light denim shirt and threw it over my dress. I couldn't decide what shoes to wear so I just grabbed my brown combat boots. I slowly walked to my bathroom to do my hair and makeup. My hair was slightly curled and left to hang over my shoulders and had very light makeup on which included mascara, eyeliner, and a shimmery eyeshadow. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs to my kitchen. "Hey mom." I said while grabbing a donut that was on the counter. "Hey sweetie, you ready to go?" "Where exactly am I going?" "Well first I'm dropping you off at Aunt Trisha's so you can meet her friends son." "I have to meet a guy?" "Actually you have to meet four guys. His friends are going to be there." "FOUR GUYS! How sociable do I have to be today!?" "Me and your father just want you to make friends before you go to school next week." "So you're making me become friends with four guys?" "Yes Everly thats what I've been saying." "Well can you just drop me off, I would like to go back on Netflix before i'm 20." "Ok, lets go." she grabbed her keys and we went off to my Aunt's house.

      "Trisha!" my mom yelled as she kept knocking on her door. "I'm coming!" I heard Trisha yelled back as the clicks and clacks of her heels were now close enough to hear. "Emma, is that you and Everly?" "Yeah, it is." My mother replied before the door was opened. "Emma, Everly. Oh, it's so good to see you again. Hows your first week been so far?" "It's been only three days since we've seen you last." my mother chuckled as she went to give her a hug. "Come on in the Hemmings' should be here soon." Aunt Trisha guided us inside to her sitting room which looked more like just a living room instead. "Now Everly you know that there will be a couple of Luke's friends coming over too right?" "Uhm yes mom told me before we left, there's like three friends of his coming over right?" "There's actually two, Michael and Calum." "Ok cool." I said internally screaming cause I had to hang out with three teenage boys. 

  *Ding Dong*

  The doorbell rang about 15 minutes after me and my mom got to Trisha's house. "Oooo, They're Here!" Trisha jumped up and practically ran to the front door. I heard multiple footsteps and faint laughs coming towards me and my mother as I was currently scrolling through my Twitter feed."Everly." my mother nudged me as I looked up at her with a 'what was that for look' "Everly dear, the guests are here." Trisha said, she must've seen my confused look. "Oh, sorry." I responded and turned off my phone as I looked up at the 'guests' .  As i looked up I saw a very familiar face. "Luke?" I questioned him as I stood up warily. "Wait, Everly? From the plane?" "Yeah." "Omg! Hi." we conversed as I headed over to him and gave him a hug. "Uhum, I take it you know each other." Trisha said as we pulled apart from our hug. "Oh, yeah we sat next to each other on the plane over here." I said "I was on my way back from California with my family, we were visiting our Aunt and Uncle." he added. "Surrre." one of Luke's friend, I was guessing, said with a lot of sarcasm in his voice. "Right, so this is Calum" he said pointing to the shorter looking guy with dark side swept brown hair. "And that is Michael," Luke said pointing to the guy who said 'surre' earlier. Michael gave me a quick side smirk as Luke pointed to a older looking female, which I made the assumption was his mother. "And this is my mom." "Hi nice to meet you," She said holding out her hand for me to shake. "Everly, Everly Miller." I said giving her a smile as as reached out to shake her offered hand. "And this is my mom Emma." I said pointing to my mom. "Okay kids, why don't you go to the park or something." Luke' mom said. Michael and Calum started heading towards the door while I went to walk with Luke. "Nice to meet you Mrs.Hemmings." I turned back to look at Mrs.Hemmings. "Oh, please call me Liz." she gave me a warming smile. "Everly, be back before 8:00 ok." my mother said before I left the house.

    "So Everly, did anything else happen on that plane you met Luke on?" Michael smirked at me. "Oh, other than me shoving my tongue down his throat?" "YOU WHAT!" Michael replied while Luke just stood to the side chuckling, and Calum soon joined him. Michael was still looking at me with complete shock until I said, "Dude, close your mouth, flies are gonna get in, or worse." I said smirking as I walked before Luke and Michael and went to go talk to Calum. "So, Calum, you don't talk much do you?" "No, I actually do talk a lot, I just like hearing you joke around with Michael. "Wait! You were just joking!?" I heard Michael shout as me a Calum started cracking up. "No Shit Sherlock!" I yelled back at him.

      We walked just a little bit further till we got to the park. Michael, still looking dumbfounded that I was just joking about the whole tongue thing. When we got to the park Calum and Luke took off running towards the play gym, and Michael just stared at me as we walked towards the swings. "So was that whole plane tongue thing fake?" "It sounds to me like somebody's jealous."  replied mocking him. "Please I'm not jealous, You sounded like a complete slut with all of that tongue down throat sort of thing." "Please, you love me." I said still continuing to joke around with him. "Yeah, yeah whatever."

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