Mione's life after

Hermione life after the war


2. wedding

"Mione you ready." Charlotte called

" Yeah emme and lily are just fussing over my hair."

" Come on your going to be late."

Dun dun da da dun dun da da

My dress is white with flowers on it is really pretty just not me my mum picked it out.

" Do you hermione jean granger take Ronald billius wealsey to be your husband." George asked (he can marry people.) "I do."

"Do you my ass of a brother take hermione jean granger to be your wife."

" I do."

" I pronce you man and wife you may kiss the bride." George said smirking

17 years later rose you ok Hugo come on we have to hurry the train will leave soon me and Ron have two kids and one on the way we are happy.

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