Mione's life after

Hermione life after the war


1. the dinner party

Come on hermione they will be waiting her mum shouted up the stairs.

"Why do we have to go non of them like me anyway." I shouted back

" I don't know what has got into you hermione you never used to argue."she shouted." come on just get it over with." her dad shouted.

" Ahhh young mione has grown up your hair is still bushy I see." my dreadful cousin said rather loudly my hair is a lot better than it was the cheeky bitch.

During dinner she started talking about her boyfriend and her job how important she was.

"So where do you work." I asked her

" For a joke shop called www have you heard of it the owner younger brother is called Ron wealsey he is very nice quite cute has a girl friend though shame but I'm pretty sure I'm prettier then her." my cousin jenny has blonde hair cold blue eyes what muggles call pretty but I don't see it really.

" Yes I have heard of that shop I know the family well I went to school with the owners and their two brothes I said I wasn't going to say that Ron is my boyfriend because he is coming with Charlotte and Harry in five teen minutes so she would soon have something to talk about.


"Ahh mione that'll be your boyfriend and your friends I hope you don't mind but we invited them." my mum said

Jenny looked shocked then smug like she had a plan.

"Hallo mrs granger is mione though her." said the voice of my boyfriend Ron weasley then came the voices of Harry and charlotte saying hello

I stood up to say hello only to be picked up by Ron and spun around like he hasn't seen me in ages when I only saw him last week he have me a kiss on the mouth then realised my family were there the silly git.

" Well Ron it looks like you missed me."i said making him blush

"Yeah maybe a little." he said as I kissed his cheek before I got takled to the ground by charlotte "get off you killing me." she jumped of and helped me up then giving me a bone crushing hug then Harry gave me a hug.

"Everyone this is my boyfriend Ron wealsey and my two other best friends who are dating charlotte smith and Harry potter." I gave jenny a pointed look.

" Ron I do believe you know my couisn jenny.

"Ain't you that girl who stalks my family who works at my brothers shop." he replid I had to make sure I didn't laugh her face was priceless at the end of dinner we all made annocenments.

" Does anyone have anything they want to say." my farther asked looking at Ron. " I do Ron said mione I have known you since you were eleven and you told me I had dirt on my face Harry don't laugh not the time and I fell in love with you the first time Met you I just wouldn't admit it now I'm hermione jean granger will you marry me."

I was shocked I love him but I'm young. " yes Ronald weasley I will marry you."

I was picked up his kissed me over and over Harry and lotte congruadlated me over and over.

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