Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


4. suck on that ferret

Today we are flying I love the idea of flying soaring though the sky wind in your hair.

Stand by your brooms and say up "up" yay it came up woop, oh no Neville is flying up in the air omg he is falling and his arm is broken I hope he is ok.

" Maybe if he gave this a squeeze maybe he would of fallen on his fat ass." I turned around to find Draco. " "give it back ferret now" I said

" No I think I'll put it somewhere for long bottom to find how about on the roof."

He started to fly with Neville remberable in his hand I got on my broom and flew right up to malfoy " give it back or I'll knock it of your broom." he looked at me with sadness in his eyes then he though it at prof.m window I flew stright at it cought it and flew back down before anyone could see me.

I turned around to malfoy and said suck on that malfoy but my happiness didn't last prof.m came out and told me to come with her.

"Wood I found you a seeker."(I can just hear maggie smith voice)

" Really she looks slim but what she is in first year."

"I'm going to bend that rule just this once."

" Err miss what is a seeker"

" Wood will explain."

"So your lily potter."

"Yeah your wood I thought it was a stick she was going to hit me with."

"Oh well come with me and I'll tell you about quidditch."


Your seeker no first year has made the team in a century. Ron exclaimed

Harry looked proud of me since me and Harry have found out we are related we have spent all the time we could together I'm so glad I have a brother I love him He is the best brother I could ever wish for. hermione gave me a book about quidditch emme said how awesome it was how I stuck up for Neville, Charlotte keeped asking me about quidditch. I'm so hyper I've had to much chocolate ahhhhh he he tomorrow is Halloween yay more sweets.

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