Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


16. saving Ali and Sirius

We are at the ministry because we have to save Ali and Sirius from voldemort he took away their best friends but he won't take them not If I've got anything to do with it.

" Sirius ali were are you." emme shouted

" Keep it down emme." jade said

" Ahh I knew you would come mr and miss potter weasley daughter love good longbottom and mudbloods how very interesting." Me malfoy said

"I'm not your daughter, remember I stopped being your daughter in my first year." emme said

" doesn't matter ms potter the prophecy please if you don't hand it over we will kill your little friends and then you and I don't want want to that because draco won't be two pleased." mr Malfoy

" come any closer and ill drop it" I said

" little potter now how to play" bellatrix cried

" drop it and ill kill your boyfriend" yaxley said whilst dragging draco

"Lily don't hand it over what ever happens." draco shouted

" draco what are you doing here." I asked really creeped out if he wasn't my boy friend and we weren't in a dangerous place I would have shouted stalker alert. " I followed you to make sure you were safe don't hand the ball over if you do he will kill you anyway trust me I know my dad." Draco said full of hate

" Draco run." I shouted as I blasted Yaxley then I crushed the crystal ball on the floor.

Then the order came cruses were being sent everywhere I ran to Draco where were I had to protect him from deatheaters ( part if the plan I knew he would follow me) that's when it happened I saw bellatrix shot the killing curse at Sirius I ran and pushed Sirius over before it could hit him but it hit draco's dad he fell to the ground dead I turned and saw Draco just standing there I rushed over and pulled him into a hug but he was fine, he must of really hate his dad but he hated bellatrix more he pulled away from me and chased her and I followed and Harry followed me.

" Ahhh lily and Harry nice to see you again but this time I won't fail I will kill you both." voldemort said in his creepy voice.

all of our wands connected we could of finished him off for good if dumbledore hadn't come I have feeling if voldy dies so do we so I understood it was for the best dumbledore has impectible timing.

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