Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


12. quidditch and story's told

" Good luck Draco." I said giving him a kiss before running of to play quidditch agisnt my Amazing boyfriend yes that's right Draco malfoy is my boyfriend never saw that coming mind I didn't see what happened next.

Potter dives for the snitch uh no a bludger is chasing her she's been hit.

Malfoy dives down and runs to her he looks scared he picks her up kisses her puts her on a stretcher before Harry potter comes up to him and punches his face screaming at him to leave his sister alone malfoy says he carn't potter asks why malfoy has just said he love lily potter well this is exiting a slytherin and griffindore in love also they are potter and malfoy oh Harry doesn't look to pleased.


I saw the bludger hit her I raced over to her picked her up kissed her forgetting everyone could see us put her on a stretcher before Harry punched me in the face stay away from my sister

I carn't do that

Way not

I love her

Gaspes filled the pitch the twat lee commenting.

I took lily to the hospital ward and waited for her to wake up.

" Draco what happened."

" Well you got hit by a bludger and I went to see if you were ok and everyone knows we are dating because I told Harry that I loves you and that twat lee Jordan reported what I said."

" Oh that's bad are you ok Draco."

" Yeah I'm fine mrs pompufrety said when you wake up you can leave."

We went to class hand In hand getting strange looks from everyone emme lottie and hermione told me that we will talk later.

In my dorm

"So everyone knows now."


" Wait how does emme know."

"She is Draco sister."

" Oh yeah your kids are gonna be so cute."



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