Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


2. meeting my brother

"Hurry up dears it is packed with muggles if course." mrs weasley said then a boy with black hair glasses and a scar on his forehead which was identical to the one in my wrist came up to us and ask how do I get on to the platform. Fred and George were bursting to say something but I told them all not to until the sorting(they told Ron the sorting was a challenge where you had to defet one of the year 7s). we got on to the train me and Ron sat down and was shortly joined by the black haired boy whom I'm guessing is my twin.

"Hi I'm Harry potter can I sit with you every else is full."

"Sure" me and Ron say together.

"I'm Ron weasley and this is lily."

I just said hey I wasn't going to say anything until the sorting because he proberly doesn't know about me.

Ron started asking Harry about his scar whilst taking sneaky looks at my wrist. about half way there a lady asked if we wanted anything me and Harry both said at the same time we will take everything which made Ron laugh.


" You will wait here until you are told to come in" said a strict looking teacher

When she had left a cute paled hair boy came up to Harry and said so it is true then potter has come to Hogwarts well I'm Draco malfoy (Ron sniggerd) think my name is funny do you no need to ask who you are red hair hamlet down robes you must be a weasley potter you'll soon find that some wizading family's are better than others I can help you there.

Harry just said I think I can tell for my self thank you. malfoy started to walk away when I said "what is wrong with weasleys better then a malfoy any day"

" who are you." he said rather rudley I just said " none if your freakin business."

Then that teacher came back and told us to come in. the grand hall was amazing floating candles in the sky ( a girl called hermione said it was bewitched I think I might be friends with her she knows a lot she might be able to help me plus I love her hair.)

We waited until our names were called out and we had to put on a hat.(Ron looked relived) Ron got put in griffindore.( the houses are griffindore for the brave slytherin for the sly ravenclaw for the clever and hufflepuff for the kind I'm none of those things.)

Hermione got put in griffindore it got to the ps Harry potter griffindore the hat called out I was next lily potter gaspes filled the room muttering of she is alive I looked at Harry he looked confused I felt a pair of eyes on me as I walked up to the stool a man with greasy hair was staring at me with regreat in his eyes. the hat was placed on my head he said I would do well in all houses but he is going to put me in...

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