Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


7. feelings told

Yay back at Hogwarts I love my family (the weasleys) but Hogwarts is Hogwarts you know. half term is finished and I'm back for my exams o.w.l.s yay not also I have to sit with that hot asshole Draco wait I didn't just say that shit for some reason he is in my head a lot I cannot like him he is bad news well his dad is I think he might be different.


I need to find lily to ask her about her brother I really like him and he asked me out but I want lily to be ok with it.


I cannot believe what Draco just told me he like lily when did that happen I mean what da hell my brother and my best friend I don't want him to hurt her she is one of the only people I trust unlike Draco I'm not being forced to be a deatheater my parents disowned me when I became a griffindore so in the holidays I live with my boyfriend George weasley and his family. which is good but I miss Draco he is an ass but he is my brother.

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