Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


11. dumbledore tells a story

"Ah I was wondering when she was going to write to you."

" Is she really married to padfoot."

"Yes let me tell you a story."

There once was a girl with kind brown eyes and a sad smile she was forced to do dangerous thing by her farther tom marvlo riddle yes her farther was voldermort she was sorted into griffindore she started in her 5th year where is meet James potter Sirius black Remus lupin lily evens and peter petigrew. they became friends she became more alive each day then Sirius and Ali started dating she had never been happier then one day she left to see her dad but Sirius followed he told her he knew about her and Sirius and that regulus Sirius brother had told him she said she was never going to tell her so he used the cursio curse on her that's when Sirius bursted in voldermort made Ali tell Sirius how she was a spy watching his brother and making sure I got killed but what voldermort didn't know is that she had fallen in love and she had told me his plan so I knew she was good. voldermort killed Ali but with Sirius and her love she came back alive. she was the one to find your parents dead she was so sad that her farther had killed some of her best friends she thought you guys were dead as well they knew who had soiled lily and James to voldermort when the confronted worm tail he well you know what he did Ali was cast out so she went to live with Remus and Sirius went to jail.

Wow so our godmother is voldermort a daughter who is her mum

" A girl who went to this school called Katie riverdale she loved voldemort and he loved her but she was killed after that things went bad really bad.

Oh thank you for telling us I'm going to write her a letter to ask if we could meet up with her and maybe get padfoot to come with us.

" I think they would both love that lily."

" Harry you ok."

" I'm fine prof dumbledore."

" Good now if you wouldn't mind I'm going to find a picture of Ali and the marauders follow me."

Dumbledore opens a draw and gets out a picture it has two girls one with red hair the other with brown mum was the red head the other must be Ali then there were three guys one with glasses (dad) the other with sandy hair (Remus) and a guy with black hair (Sirius). sir please may we keep this.


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