Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


13. does love die

Me and Draco have been dating for months everything is fine we have a plan next year when he becames a deatheater he will tell us what is going on and be a spy and I trust him because I love him and I know he loves me it is just hard because he has to pretend to be helping toad face but actually he has been misleading her.

Today me, Harry, Ron, hermione, lotte and emme are going to meet Ali today with Sirius. what if he doesn't want see her, what if he hates her for not seeing him sooner.

"Sirius hey we have brought someone to see you her name is Ali black your wife." I said he looked up in hope and regret flashed in his eyes.

" Hi padfoot."

" Hi ali."


I saw my padfoot sitting in a room looking so tried when lily said my name he looked up with hope and regreat in his eyes " hi padfoot."

" Hi ali." his voice wobbled

"How are you."

"Im fine padfoot what about you."

"Better now you are back."

Then he started crying I ran over to him and held him in my arms for the first time in ages I felt happy for the first time since I found out my godchildren were alive, I've been living with Remus since.

Whilst Sirius was crying Molly came in and when she saw me she dropped her tray causing everyone to run in Severus albus Minerva and Arthur gasped when they saw me Molly took me away from Sirius and gave me a bone crushing hug we were good friends at school Arthur kissed my cheek albus smiled and Minerva ran over to me asked me if I was ok hugged for what seemed for ever, I looked over to Severus " what are you doing here last time I cheak you were working for the person who wanted to kill you best friend."

" For you information ms riverdale."

" I'm mrs black."

"Well mrs black I'm no longer a death eater don't give me that look you stopped being a death eater as well your case is worse since voldemort is your dad, and ms evens stopped being my best friend because of his(pointing at Harry ) arrogant farther."

" Oh shut it snivellus we all know lily stopped being your friend because you one called her a mudblood when she was ment to be your best friend and two you were training to be a freakin deatheater so don't you dare blame it on James or I swear to god I'll tell everyone about your little secrete."

" You wouldn't."

"Wanna bet now if you wouldn't mind I would like to talk to my husband and godchildren and their friends albus Minerva Molly I will talk to you all later and explain everything."

" Darling stop crying please what would James say if he saw you." I asked Sirius

"Proberly to stop being wet then he would talk about his lily flower." Sirius said with a shaky laugh .

" Guys could you wait outside we shall talk to you soon." I asked Harry and co


The left the room leaving me and Sirius alone.

"Im sorry Sirius I should have come back sooner but you have to understand after they took you away I had no one except moony I have been living with him up to two years ago when he tought at Hogwarts I left and went to live in my dad's old manor which last year I had to leave because he came back so I went to live in the our cave I should have come back when you escaped I just was scared you escaped for one reason to find that basturd and if he was back surly that ment so was my dad and last time I saw my dad he tried to kill me."

" It is ok Ali I do understand I'm sorry to after I escaped I should have come live with you instead of hunting that as you called him a basturd which got me no where Ali I still love you."

" Really you do even when I'm getting older well that just proves love never dies I love you two padfoot." I hugged him again the I lifted his head up and kissed him softly but lovingly.

" Shall we get the others in I need to explain something to them." I asked

" Sure you will like them just to warn you emme is a malfoy."

" And I'm half riddle don't judge by a surname ok."


"Guys come in."

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