Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


14. another story told

" I have to tell you guys something." I told them ( still alis prov)

" We are listening."

" Me and Sirius had been dating for about three weeks when we were by the black lake with James, moony, lily and that slimy git (wormy) when James got up and walked over to snivevollus and lifted him in the air.lily and James weren't dating yet even though he asked her out everyday nearly she wouldn't admit her feeling because she didn't want to hurt her other best friend snape, she was only sitting with us because I was her other Best-friend.when James was lifting snape in the air she went up to him and told him to put him down James would do anything for lily so if course he did but snape said something that broke their friend ship." I don't need any help from a mudblood." which hurt lily slit they had a massive argument and snape has been a messed up git ever since."

" Snape was best friends with our mum. lily jr asked

"Yeah he was."

"Well that makes sense."

" What does."

" When ever snape looks at me it is full of longing and regret which creeps me out but it is because I look like my mum isn't it."

" Yeah it is."

" I'm going to kill him." Harry said

" Paredon."

" In gonna kill him."

" Why Harry." Sirius asked

" He called my mum a mudblood when he is just a half blood like your dad." he said pointing at me

" I'm guessing dumbledore told you about me then."

" Yeah don't worry about it I'm a malfoy and lily is dating a malfoy so don't worry."emme said


"Sirius it is ok Draco is on our side I trust him."

" How do you know." He asked

" How did you know you could trust voldemorts daughter no offense ali."

" Fine I'm watching him though."

Now go to bed the lot of you tomorrow is Christmas."

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