Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


17. a year on and a wedding

It has been a year since Draco's dad died I feel so guilty it if I hadn't of pushed Sirius out of the way I would of lost him too, Draco doesn't blame me in fact he thanked me for saving him now he doesn't have to be a deatheater he is staying at 12 grimald place until Hogwarts we are getting married next week because there is a war coming and we don't want to be split up because of it. me, jade, lottie, emme and hermione are dress shopping with me today it is nothing big just close friend ( which includes the whole weasley family and the order and Harry do yeah it will be big.) Harry wasn't to pleased but screw him I love to bits but I have to live my own life before we kill voldemort and our selves. my dress is red with a green ribbon around the middle to show slytherin and gryffindor, I carn't wait to walk down the path way with him ( we are getting married at the borrow)

Dun dun da da dun dun da da

" You ok there lily." emme asks me

" Never better omg I just thought of something we are gonna be sisters." I say getting even more hyper than I was.

" Get a grip woman." mione said coming in" we are ready for you....

I'm now lily malfoy that's sounds so right I'm lying in bed with Draco ( not what you think you naughty dirty people god ) I feel safe but it won't last I know what is going to happen I'm going die and Draco will be left alone " Draco I'm going to die you know that right." I said " no your not I won't let you." he said holding my tight " I have to it is the only way." I said kissing his cheek " I know love I haut don't want you two." we sat in silence for a while until we fell asleep tomorrow we are going to Hogwarts.


" Hurry up Draco we have to get on the train." I said " oh the joys of marriage ." he said his voice dripping with scarcsim. I pushed him in a joking way

" Come on let's go find Harry, ron, mione, emme, lottie and jade." i said jumping on the train

" Oh Draco darling I've missed you so much why didn't you come and see me." a annoying high pitched voice called out ( pansy)

" Sorry I was with my wife." Draco said coldly pulling me close. " your wife." she repeated " I'm sorry pansy do you have a learning disaculty because I believe that is what he said now excuse us." I said leaving her stunned Draco snorted and said " that my girl."



Hi I'm skipping this year to the end of year seven the battle. vommit

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