Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


9. a date they won't forget

"Guys I'm going out I'll see you later."



" Hey draco."

Omg he look really hot his hair sweeping across his handsome face his pale blue eyes filled with hope and dare I say love?.

" Hi lily wow you-u looked beautiful would you like to sit down I made a picnic."

" Thank you Draco wow so much food."

" I chose your favourites."

" How do you know my emme told didn't she."

" yeah sorry ."

" It is ok."

We were eating chicken sandwiches when we heard a shout. "oy malfoy you out here." My brother shouted

"Shit how did Harry find us."

" Hide quickly I brought my brother cloak get under it."


My brother left leaving me and Draco alone.

" You called him harry."

" Yeah I don't hate him it you in fact I think I'm in love with you."

I was stunned but what stunned me even more is what I said next.

" I think I'm in love with you two."

Then he lent down his lips brushed against mine I kissed back my fingers in his hair his fair is really soft just like his lips. when we stopped kissing we just stood in each other's arms smile like asses when it hit me I was in love with Draco malfoy shit I didn't see that coming.

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