Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


1. rescued from hell

"Get up you lazy girl, up up now if you don't get up I'll poor water over you." Screamed mrs marvlo of the riddle children's home for troubled children.

"I'm getting up ok." I shouted back

"Get ready quickly you stupid child there is a lady here to take you away and I want you out of my care." She shouted with hate laced in her voice I know she hates me it is because I'm different, I can do thing that no one else I know can do , my hair changes colour, I can move things without touching them and I can talk to animals. somehow I don't think that is normal. I tie up my hair put on an old top and jeans and run down the staries .

"Lily Molly potter I never thought I would see the day where I get to see my beautiful goddaughter, sorry I've haven't introduced myself I'm mrs weasley I'm your mother's best friend well I was until she was killed. im so happy to see you after all these years. if you would like you can come and live with me and my children."

" Mrs wealsey."

"Call me Molly."

"Molly I would love to come and live with you thank you from rescuing me from hell."

"Go upstairs and get your stuff and I'll wait her for you"

I ran upstairs grapped a dustbin bag and put my locket with a lion engraved on the front on the back it says we will always love you lily, my books Charles Dickinson and bronte spare clothes and a photo of me, mum and dad. I ran back down stairs I bumped into mrs weasley she gasped when she say my hair (it changed to bubblegum pink that happened when I'm excited) " your a Metamorphmagus I've only met one before." Mrs weasley exclaimed

"What is a metamorphmagus." I asked

" You can change your appearance at will." she answered

"Omg that is so cool."

"Ok hold onto my arm and I'll take u to my house."

I grapped her arm I felt as if I was being sucked into a hole when that stopped we were at Molly house.

"Welcome to the burrow."

Before I could take it all in five redhead children came running out all shouting things like is that her she is pretty she looks like her mum wow that is the lily potter.

"Excuse me but how come they are talking like in famous."

" That is because you are famous cone inside and we shall tell you everything."

I walked inside the burrow and I loved it stright away it was epic it looked like someone actually lived there.

We all sat down at the table and they told me my story.

When I was one year old a dark lord called voldemort came to my house and killed my parents he was going to kill my twin brother (apparently I have a twin now.) but I crawled in front of the curse it hit my instead everyone thought I was dead including Molly until two weeks ago when the headmaster of the school I'll be going to told Molly I was alive oh yeah I almost forgot I'm a freakin witch and I'm going to a school for wizards and witches how freakin cool is that.

Two days later I got my stuff me and Molly's youngest ginny are really good friends so are me and Ron and Fred and George Percy is ok I haven't met Bill and Charlie today we are going to Hogwarts I'm so excited my hair is bubblegum pink again.

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