The fifth marauder

Alissa riverdale better known as Ali joins Hogwarts in her fifth year where is meets lily evens and the marauders, she has a secrete but will they find out what it is.


4. the truth

It has been a year since Ali and Sirius have been dating


Sirius I have to go somewhere I'll be back soon. I said kissing him goodbye then I left for my dad's


" Hey dad let's get this over with so I can go back to school." I said

" Back to your boyfriend no doubt." he said hashly

" Who told you." I asked

" Regulus did."

" That little shit I'll kill him."

" Don't cuss I'll teach you a lesson crusio." pain flowed though me like a knife then I heard a voice " leave her alone." Sirius said

" Ahh how touching I see you are in love with my daughter black." My dad sneered

" No I love ali." he said confused

" She is my daughter."

" What no Ali tell me it is not true."

" I'm sorry Sirius I love you I do I need you to trust me."

" Always."

" Good now run." I jumped up pulled Sirius and legged it then I felt another stab of pain the crusio curse again I just hope the order will come soon


I woke up in hospital with Sirius next to me my dad tried to kill me what the hell my head was spinning I was cunfused then I relised he knew Sirius knew who my dad is. shit

He has forgiven me all is well we are to be married and live happily ever after

Five years later

Come on Sirius they will be waiting i called out we avapreated to James and Lily's house the door was open the silly buggers I saw James lying on the floor I screamed as Sirius doubled over like he was in pain I ran to the nursery to find lily dead two of my best friends were dead peter must of sold them out I'll flipping kill him. " Sirius it was peter he sold lily and James to voldemort."

We ran into the street to peter who blew up the street and blames Sirius and I went to live with Remus trying to get them to know my husband is innocent.

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