The fifth marauder

Alissa riverdale better known as Ali joins Hogwarts in her fifth year where is meets lily evens and the marauders, she has a secrete but will they find out what it is.


1. I'm new

" yeah dad I won't say anything merlin calm down it is not like I'm walking in to enemy land or anything, yeah dad I know it was just a joke calm down yeah bye." I said rolling my eyes my dad can be such a diva.

I walked up the hill my aurben hair flying in the wind, a massive castle stood on top of the hill the big oak door opened before i could knock. inside the castle were teenage wizards and witches, i tried to be invistable which is hard when you are wearing doc martins which make a banging noise when you walk also i was new so that didn't help i stood there like a weirdo in flowery docs black skinny jeans with a chain on, a balck top that said "karma bitches." my aureben hair hanging past my shoulders and blue feather earing. i suddenly realised i was just sanding there and started to go to dumbledores office when i remebered i didnt know where it was, i saw a group of boys with friendly faces the other people looked like they hate me or were judging me.

" hey i was wondering if you could help me." i asked a boy with black hair and dark brown eyes and a cute but cocky smile. " hey i havnt seen you around here before i think i would of rembered, im sirius black and you are." he said that cheeky bugger well two people can play that game." im looking for for dumbledores office." i said smirking." ouch bad luck padfoot looks like this one wont fall for your tricks im james potter this is remus." he said pionting at a boy with sandy bonde hair and clear blue eyes." and this is peter." pioning at a small boy who i had seen at dads im glad im kept hidden at dads so he hasnt seen me or id be in big shit." dumbledores office is up the stairs go left then right when you get to the gargole say sherbet lemon, i guess we will see you later new girl." james said he was quite good looking blue eyes balck messy hair and glasses." thanks james i'll see you around." when i was walking around i heard the boy sirius say aww prongs why is it the only girl who doesnt fall for my good looks falls for yours. ha boys i dont fancy james or any of them for that matter.

"ah miss riverdale it is good to see you now if you follow me we will sort you into your house." proffesor dumbledore said i sat down on a old wooden stool and he put a old tatty hat on my head." ah miss riverdale i remeber your mother you have couage not afrid to say what you mean,you are also very smart and kind but you are like your farther in many ways very cunning i think the best place for you is gryffindor." the hat said i was actually quite happy i would hate being in slytheirn like my dad im glad im in my mums house ithink if the hat had said slythrien i would of said fuck this and walked out. " now miss riverdale." i cut him off " call me ali please." " ali im going to get lily evens to come and take you to your dorm also i would advise it that you didnt tell people who your dad is if you want friends who are not in slythrien no offense." he said hastlily " none taken just between us i hate my dad i dont want to be like him so im really glad im not in his old house." i said which made him chuckle. knock knock " that will be miss evens."

" hi im lily evens you must be alissa riverdale, it is nice to meet you nice outfit it is really epic to meet someone who doesn't fall for the marauders good looks." she said in a bright bubbly voice

" sorry who are the marauders?" i asked confused

" the good looking boys you were talking to in the hall way james, sirius, remus and peter they call them selves the marauders becuase they think they are gods just becuse they are really hot, the only nice one is remus,he is really kind and smart but he doesn't show of his good looks like the others even though he has a big fan club, peter is cute yeah but a bit thick and follows the others around like a lost puppy that has found their owner, sirius is a big head and sleeps around but clever but doesn't show it and james is hot with kind blue eyes and perefect hair and a massive fan club but hasnt ever had a girlfriend because he has this massive crush on this girl." she said wow she knows a lot about them and she seems to like james maybe she is jealsoud of this girl becuase she seems a bit weird when she said that bit of imformention.

" who is this girl he likes?" i ask

" errr me but i will never go out with him ever he is a toeragg." she said blushing well that was the biggest lie ever.

"ok i think we are going to be friends." i throw my hand over her shoulder

" this is the gryffindore common room pixie dust." she said

" what the hell." i asked confused why she would say pixie dust so randomly

" it is the password come on." she said walking though the hole in the wall, i followed her though into a massive with arm chair around a blazing fire, on the other side og the room was a table with wooden chairs around and at the back of tthe room was two setd og stairs leading to the dorms, the room was painted red and posters of gryffinfore and the dark angels ( a popular wizard band.) it was perfect and magical. " so this is it, it isnt much but is home." she said looking around fondly " it is perfect lily nothing green in sight." i said grinning but stopped when i saw her face." i hope that wasn't a dig against slytheirns." she said looking angry." yeah it was my dad is one and he wanted me to be one to but i was feed up of being compered to him i'd rather be compered with my mum who was a gryffindore." i said. " oh sorry it is just that one of my best friends is slythrien and he is really nice." she said clamimg down looking slightly gulity. " it is ok where is my dorm." i asked," follow me my new best friend."

we walked up the girls dorm stairs and turned into a room with four beds in one with no things next to and a note on.

" dear mistres riverdale your stuff is next to your bed along with your books if you need anything just call me my name is mellow im a hose elf."

" aww that is nice look at this lils also when is dinner im straving i havn't eaten since yesterday." i asked

" in five minutes come on you will be able to serveus." she said looking happy dragging me out of our room and down the stairs and out of the common room all the way to the great hall, at this piont i still hadn't change into my robes so i was still the odd one out again yay not, i hate being the odd one out i dont ind being different i just don't like being judged.

me and lily sat down next to two girls one had soft brown hair freackles and kind brown eyes she was called alice prewet and the other had blonde hair and blue eyes and a pericing on her nose her name was maureen fellen. they seem nice but i prefree lily i was eating a chicken sandwhich when when four boys sat down across from us i looke dup and saw it was the marauders. " hey beautiful how are you." sirius asked." call me that again and you will be sorry understand." i said cooly " well i call you that until you tell me your name beautiful.". he said " my name is none of your freakin business balck, Wingardium Leviosa." i said and sirius was hanging in the air. " ha sirius she did warn you mate now please could you puthim down not good for his ego you see other wise we would let you do it all night." remus asked laughing." yeah sure lily you done lets go bye the marauders." i said smirking lily got up hardl yable to belive what i just did.

"wow di you really just do that." she asked " yep so funny now please tell me everything since i've lost out on five years." i asked " ok well i've told you about the boys alice is dating frank longbottom maureen is crushing on remus also she lives with alice since her parents were killed by you-know-who./i felt bad about that i could of done something now i feel stupid how could i come to this school and not feel resposible about deaths./ sererous is one of my bestfriends but i can fel him slipping from me, also stay away from malfoy and black bellatrix and reglus black that is bellatrix is sirius cousin and reglus is his brother." she said deep in thought as we went though the coomon room into our room, i un packed and went to bed.

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