The fifth marauder

Alissa riverdale better known as Ali joins Hogwarts in her fifth year where is meets lily evens and the marauders, she has a secrete but will they find out what it is.


2. hard days night

" wake up wake up come on ali it is your first day and just wake up will you omg ali if you dont wake up i'll poor water over you." lily shouted at me " all right i'll get up you can be a bitch sometimes." i said yawning " takes one to know one." she replaid brushing her hair, alice and maureen were looking at us amused. i shoved on my clothes brushed my hair and went with lily, alice and maureen to breakfast. before we walked in i flicked my wand and the beatles- hard days night came on i linked arms with the girls and walked into the grand hall everyone looked at us, sometimes i like to be looked at also it was freakin awesome.

we sat down at the table sirius looked up slighty scared i jsuted smiled at him" hey sirius you ok you looked a bit worried what is wrong." i said winking " err nnothing, i'll see you later guys im ggoing tto the err libary." he stutted i felt slighty bad " sirius i'm joking clam your shit and sit down i'm alissa riverdale but call me li." i said smiling warmly at him something sparked in his eyes like hope he grinned " hi ali im sirius orion black and i promise never to call you beautiful again unless you want me to that is." he said but to his normal self again."

hogwarts is so cool the teachers ae really cool and the marauders are really epic i have been here for two months in the space of time me and the marauders are bestfriends along with lily i don't like snivellus he is a slimy git but he is friends with lily so I have to be nice to him, lily keeps asking if I like anyone when ever she asks that Sirius comes into my mind his smile his amazing eyes and his hair is freaking cute but I would never tell him that he would just laugh then snog one of his bimbo slags. lily thinks I like Sirius which is true but I won't admit it until she admits she likes James, which will never happen so I'll just have to forget about him.


Ali has been here for two months and everyday I fall here even more everything about her draws me in even though she is scary as fuck also she is hiding something she always changes the subject when he who must not be named comes up and when her parents are brought up maybe they are his followers she did say her mum is dead and she hates her dad, I don't know but I do know she will never like me which is bloody typical the first girl I freakin fall for she only sees me as her big brother, but if I just ask her out she could say yes but she could say no and is lose her forever. life sucks.


Today James is going to ask lily out but this time it is going to be epic I'm waking with lily to the grand hall " hey Ali what was it that you wanted to show me." lily asked looking at me intrigued

" A firework display." as I said that a firework bander flashed in front of us and it said " my dearest lily flower would you do me the honourifics going on a date with me." lily is blushing and started to giggle, then James walked in to sight before he could said anything lily ran up to him threw her arms around him and kissed him on the lips when they broke apart, " I'll take that as a yes then." James said laughing lily looked around noticing everyone and blushed hiding her face in James top. it was really cute I was so happy for them but I have to admit I felt a pang of jealousy why carn't I be loved like that, what is wrong with this is the best day of my best friends life and I'm pitting my self get a grip woman. lily and James walked up to the common room hand in hand and me , Sirius , Remus and peter started to make kissing noises to annoy them but it didn't I guess that what happened a when your in love, huh.

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