The fifth marauder

Alissa riverdale better known as Ali joins Hogwarts in her fifth year where is meets lily evens and the marauders, she has a secrete but will they find out what it is.


3. f.r.i.e.n.d.s tell each other things

" So lily how long have you liked James." I asked smirking whilst dying my hair I was dying my hair a nice soft brown and growing a fringe and curling it, I change my hair often but I like this style.

" I dunno a while I guess." she admitted blushing " aww what ever happened I will never date him ever." I said laughing whilst I laced up my black ankle boots I looked in the mirror I'm wearing a black ruffle skirt a black top which said in white writing " I'm a lion I bite." I made it my self my hair was falling down my back past my shoulders to my hips I put on my jacket and waited for lily ( we were going to hogsmead with the marauders) she was wearing a white summer dress with white pumps her red hair was in a pony tail. " oh shut up ali when are you going to ask out Sirius." lily asked slyly shit how did she know " I don't know what you mean." I lied though my teeth " come in Ali you like him." " Yeah I do I always feel so much more alive when I'm around him when he smiles I smile I love his smile you know his proper one where you can see his teeth and he looks so happy, I will never ask him out because he will never say yes." I said playing with my hair " you never know Ali any way let's go to hogsmead to see lover boy." lily said winking at me


Lily and Ali walked down the stairs laughing at something Ali bright smile lit up her face her hair was different today I liked it more unruly like mine tomorrow is full moon and we are going to have to lie to my Ali again shit did I just say my Ali she isn't my Ali she is just Ali, anyway I want to tell her and get her to help us with Remus we want to be animagus but we are still working it out, she is really smart so she might be able to help I'll have to ask Remus,

" Remus can we tell Ali." I ask forgetting to whisper so she heard, " tell me what." she asked " nothing." i said quickly too quickly " aww come on Sirius friends are ment to tell each other things." she said giving me the puppy dog eyes I looked at Remus he nodded I pulled Ali into a broom cupboard " Remus is a werewolf also I'm in love with you." I said then I cursed my self shit shit shit want ment to say that maybe she didn't noticed, " you are in love with me." she said with disbelief. " yes but Remus is a werewolf." I said again " i already knew that Sirius look at me I love you two." she said then I kissed her it was amazing brilliant magical then James had to ruin it by coming looking for us.

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