Alone Again

During the time of the Richenbach fall, Sherlock Holmes has to deal with being alone once more. This is just a little story that will tell you what happens in the time that Sherlock is alone, running from the Government.


1. The Death.

Sherlock knew what was going to happen. He let his phone slip out of his hand, onto the concrete pavement of the Morgue. He looked back at Moriarty, his dead body collasped onto the floor, and Sherlock took a step. He felt his body almost float for a few seconds, and he, in that moment of shock, plummeted to the ground. Except... it wasn't the ground. He had landed on a giant inflatable rubber bag. He stood up, and he knew everything was running smoothly. He saw the hypnosis man push John's face back, and John instantly collapsed onto the ground, and Sherlock had just enough time to fit in the plan. He had hired a makeup crew to put a realistic mask of himself over Moriarty's face.  He ruffled his hair, and he knew his genius plan was at work. Now all he needed to do was hide himself, or... he could just... run.

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