Darling, you'll be okay

Vic Fuentes is just starting a band with his brother Mike and two other guys, Tony and Jamie. Becca happens to an old friend of Jamie's, who introduces her to the band.

Becca has a twisted past and neither of Vic or Tony's stories are the prettiest. So what happens when Vic learns more than Becca would like and Tony develops a tiny little crush.

Trigger warning for sensitive content including self-harm, abuse and alcoholism and Kellin Quinn.


6. 5- Becca


5- Becca


"Today is the day!" Hannah shouted, over the 'Of Mice & Men' blaring out of my car stereo. They're really good.

"What?" We're on our way to school, what could be so exciting about today?

"Today. The tickets to SWS's concert go on sale at 10 am, baby!"

"Oh my days! Wait, baby?"

She just laughed it off and continued. "I am so excited." It was so good to see her like this. She was so amazing and strong and everything, but fun wasn't always on the agenda, because, you know, chemo was the priority.

"Okay, so 10." I began to deduce. "That means well have just started RS. We sit in the middleish so it shouldn't be too hard to hide Phones. The problem will probably be hiding our reactions."

"However, I, as you know, am a master in the arts and a struggling actress."

"Funny, I didn't know that. What have I seen you in?" I mocked.

"Well... That's the struggling bit."

I let out a chuckle as we pulled up outside of Kerakin High, Mexico, San Francisco. Yes, we are required to say the location when saying the name. And yes, they haven't made up their minds whether the school is in either country. It doesn't border Mexico it's literally on the border. Consequently, there's lots of Spanish speaking kids. Including my friend Jamie.

Speak of the devil, Jamie came running up to my car and slammed his hands down onto the bonnet. Also followed by another tall guy covered in tattoos. School regulations aren't tight here, but I'm not sure even we're allowed the many.

"Rebecca Hereto!" He properly boomed over 'Second and Sebring'.

"Yeah?" Not gonna lie, I was slightly scared.

"How you doing, chica?" He asked in a much friendlier tone. I knew he could never be angry. It actually seems to defy his DNA. He smiles so much and he's always so kind; too much so if you ask me.

"Ha, I'm alright what about you?" I asked as I got out of the car to join Hannah. He pulled me into a hug as I tugged down my sleeves unconsciously, even though they were down.

"Amazing! This band things going well good. This is Mike, one of the two brothers that started it." He gestured to the 16/17 year oldish boy behind him.

"Sup, lady." Said the Mike guy, kind of ignoring Hannah.

"Nothing much, tats."

"Thought you'd be used to them if your mates with Jaime and apparently have met Tony."

"I am. Gotta few hidden myself. And how do you know I've met him?"

"He said something about you and Of Mice, at practise."

"Fun. Anyways, what've you been doing then?" I asked turning back to Jamie.

"We had another testing out kinda thing this weekend and we sound great!"

"That's amazing, your a well good pianist/guitarist." Said Hannah, as I got out a snack bar. "I'd compliment you too, Mike, but I've never heard you play, so..."

"It's cool, girly."

"Don't worry, he's a really good drummer." Stated Jamie.

"I can't wait to hear you guys."

"You two so should come to a practise." Said Mike.

"¡Esa es una idea increíble!" Exclaimed Jaime excitedly.

"That'd be amazing!" Hannah agreed and I nodded enthusiastically while eating my snack bar.

We walked through the entrance of the oldish building and headed down toward Hannah and mines tutor room- I had no idea if the boys were even heading in the right directing or paying attention. I doubt they cared.

We passed the rows of almost cliche lockers and grouped around the water fountain attached to the wall.

As Hannah and Mike filled up their drinks I asked Jamie: "So what's the other guy like?"

"He's like me. Smiles a bit less and a little darker, but a good guy. Oh and obviously not as Handsome." He said with a flick of his priced dark hair.

I was still laughing at him when we got to my classroom. Only 1 hour left till SWS. Let's do this.

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