Darling, you'll be okay

Vic Fuentes is just starting a band with his brother Mike and two other guys, Tony and Jamie. Becca happens to an old friend of Jamie's, who introduces her to the band.

Becca has a twisted past and neither of Vic or Tony's stories are the prettiest. So what happens when Vic learns more than Becca would like and Tony develops a tiny little crush.

Trigger warning for sensitive content including self-harm, abuse and alcoholism and Kellin Quinn.


3. 2- Vic


2- Vic


"So... What did you think of them?" The infuriating sibling asked, chucking a pillow at me.

Oh hell no.

   I was lying down on my bed, staring at the ceiling, with my guitar across my torso. Mike was sitting cross-legged (which looked pretty funny for a 16-year-old guy with quite a few tattoos), looking at me expectantly.

   I grabbed the nearest soft(ish) thing, which turned out to be my paperback notebook, and flung it at him.

   It hit him square in the head even though he ducked and so he let out a less than manly squeal.

   "They were amazing of course. And the Hime guy is so nice, which you probably wouldn't expect, since he's got quite a few tat's. And that Tony kid's well good."

   "Yeah, I know right. With your sing/yelling, my drums and now their guitar and keyboards- we're gonna be well big!"

   "Yeah, I don't know. What if people don't get our sound... Or can't see past the appearance and screams? We don't even have a name. "

   "Details, don't worry bro, we got this."

He said turning to leave my room.

   "And who doesn't like some sexy Mexicans. Some, some sexicans. Ha. Oh my days." He added, whipping a tear of laughter from his eye as he left.

   Sexicans. Really Mike. Of course, my brother would come up with that.

   We met Jamie and Tony the other week while Mike and I were gigging in a local club. Turns out they go to Mike's school and like our stuff... So we made it happen. We've worked in music before and grown up doing it. I never really questioned that that's what I'd do. But, now I'm here, I'm really doubting whether there actually are people who would want to he screamed at. Just, somethings need to be screamed.

   That gave me an idea to write so I got out my songbook and jotted down so rough notes.

This world is about to change...
Look into my eyes
And write down the words you see
This will be a night we won't forget

I don't know. Maybe more emotion. How about...

Now, it's such a shame 
Your mouth is what you make it

No, wait, wait...

Now, it's such a shame you had to go and run your mouth
Your mouth is what you make it, but at least I've got real friends

   Friends should be screamed. That needs to be screamed.

   I was just scribbling quickly. Sometimes I would start writing something and it would work, but then I'd quickly realize it was in Spanish. That was usually when I was angry or mad.

   Just then I heard some spluttered laughing outside my door. As I looked up my at the Of Mice and Men poster on the back of my door, it swung open, revealing a chuckling Mike.

   "I'm so sorry,"he laughed.

   "What did you do?" I asked cautiously.

   "Well, you see," he started between laughs, "I was gonna do some backing you know..."


   "And well, you know your poster of Hayley that you haven't decided what to do with yet... And, and it was just lying there and I had flour and I tripped I swear!" The last part came out in a rush so I had to take a minute to process what he said.

   "MIKE! Not Hayley!" I finally shrieked.

   "I'm so sorry..."

   "Ahhh!" I let out a war cry.

   That sent him running as I shouted behind him: "I'm gonna pierce your head with a massive knife!"

  He chuckled and slipped on the stairs. Which made me laugh. Stupid Mike.

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