Darling, you'll be okay

Vic Fuentes is just starting a band with his brother Mike and two other guys, Tony and Jamie. Becca happens to an old friend of Jamie's, who introduces her to the band.

Becca has a twisted past and neither of Vic or Tony's stories are the prettiest. So what happens when Vic learns more than Becca would like and Tony develops a tiny little crush.

Trigger warning for sensitive content including self-harm, abuse and alcoholism and Kellin Quinn.


11. 10- Vic


10- Vic


   "So you're Becca." I asked, turning back to her, where she was sitting slightly uncomfortably on the sofa. "How old are you?"


   So young... Her arms. I... Even now she's hiding them under a sleeping with sirens hoodie.

    I was aware I hadn't replied so I simply said: "Same as Tony." Making Tony wiggle his pierced eyebrow.

   "Okay, so first things first, let's do the important stuff. I need a group selfie for my snapchat story." Jamie said a little too seriously as he returned (with no tissue). Tony jumped at the idea, while Becca and I laughed in unison before declining.

    Tony and Jamie struck a pose and Jamie then furiously scribbled on glasses to their faces. Silly boys.

    I could tell Becca was a but wary of me. I wasn't saying much. I couldn't shake the worry about her and whatever it is that's causing her the pain. Maybe if I get to know her, I can help her. I don't know. Some how, I have to, because nobody else knows there's even a problem.

   "Hey Becca do you play?" I mentioned towards the various guitars Mike and I had arranged by the left of the sofa.

   She blushed a little and ran her hand through her soft looking hair. "Er, yeah, not a lot, but some. I'm sure you guys are all a lot better than me."

    I smirked at her nervousness and replied: "Na, you got to be better than Mike. He can't play guitar to save his life."

   "What about me?" Mike asked, returning from his laugh with Jamie, finally taking note of Becca and I.

   I mumbled a nothing before picking up a guitar, slinging it around my back and handing a bass to Tony.

   I strummed a few practise chords before adjusting the bottom string. Only a little off. Just as Jamie was setting himself up at out keyboard behind the sofa, the doorbell rang.

   Neither Jamie or Tony made an effort to get it so Becca stood up, but I got there first. "Don't worry do back to your tuning."

   I shushed her and got the door which turned out to be regrettable.


   "What did you just call me?" He asked.

   "Er. Sorry. Dad." I coughed.

   I'd got into a bad habit of refusing to call him anything but his christian name in my thoughts, which was apparently seeping into my speech.

   "When have you ever called me Dad?"

   "Oh, sorry. Papa?"

   He stared at me for a bit and then continued. "Well, let me in the damn house."

   "Sorry." I mumbled. I thought Becca was still behind me but I was wrong.

   Chris followed me into the living room. Did he suspect anything. We were stuffed. If he even new about the band... Mike and I had agreed to keep it a secret until we "got big"- if that happens.

Mike just agreed, I don't think he realized why I didn't what to. Chris would laugh. What ever we tried he would laugh and yes, I wouldn't give two turkeys what he thought but it would get to Mike. Mike would want our Papa's support.

   He's not a bad Dad. Just a bad husband.

We walked back into the room where Becca was on the couch laughing a lot with Tony. It can't have been that funny.

   Mike was sitting at his drums by the TV, but Jamie looked innocent enough, sitting on the other couch, instagraming no doubt.

   What happened?

   Becca must have senses something was wrong and told Mike Chris was here. Go Becca!

    "Hey guys." I said casually.

   "What are all these people here for?" Chris asked. Damn.

   "We have a science project and we're a group." Said Mike.

   "Oh." He walked off to make coffee.

   "Thanks so much for telling me he was here Becca." Mike said as soon as he was out of earshot.

   "Yeah thanks. Saved us." I added.

   "No problem."

    "How did you know there was a problem?" Jamie asked.

   "Er... Well Vic seemed a little-- I, I don't know at all. Instincts I guess."

   Few! She nearly could have got Mike worried.

    "Well anyway... Does that mean we can't play here? I'm confused." Tony said.

   "Yeah sorry guys. Anyway you guys have some science to be doing." I joked.

  "No, no more science I'll die. Science is the worst." Said Jamie dramatically.

   "It's not quite that bad--" Becca started. "Wait. Damn! I have science homework due in tomorrow!"

   "What is it?" I asked, not being able to fight the smile on my face.

   "It's not fuuny! It's the esay thingy."

   "Becca. That was due in last Monday." Tony stated.

   "Damn it!"

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