Connection(Trevor Moran)

Lilly Dillon is Ricky Dillon's Sister. She's lived with Ricky and his friend, Connor ever since Lilly and Ricky's parents hated her. When she started to get abused, Ricky took her under his wing.
'I won't let anything happen'-Ricky
'As long as Ricky doesn't abuse'-Sam
'I-I think I like her'-Trevor
'I think she's great' -Connor
'....Hot'-JC{me:*mentally slaps self}


1. An awkward moment

Lilly's POV


'You don't deserve Ricky'

'Whore just go die in a hole'

I read the hate comments, but then i went back to the second one. They don't understand, Ricky's my brother. What? Siblings can kiss each other, just not on the lips.

Ricky is 22, and I'm 15.

"Lills, do you want to watch a horror movie with us?" Ricky asked. Ricky walked in.

Ricky's POV

I walked into my sister's room, finding Lilly wrapped up in blankets and reading some, comments? "Lilly Genevieve Dillon, do you want to watch a horror movie?" I repeated. Lilly hadn't said a word today, and hadn't eaten anything either. She handed me her laptop. On her twitter @LillyGDillon

'KezalynB: @LillyGDillon F**k You'

'AslinPerri: @LillyGDillon love you! NOT!!!!'

'SeirraCollaer: @LillyGDillon maybe @TrevorMoran hates you'

'DienaDeyesFan: @LillyGDillon go die slut'

I hated hate. I picked Lilly up and took her downstairs.

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