They should all see, what they done to you.
They doesn't give a fuck about you, don't they?
You can already feel it.. Maybe your mind, says that you shouldn't talk to them from the start.
But, when there is a start, there's always a ending..


1. Broken.


I hate you for giving up on me. I hate you for being a part of me now. And when you just got my heart, you broke it. You'll take the change. Well, maybe i'm wrong. But it feels like. It's just so heartless, and I'll never forgive you. Forever I'm broke. And I'll still wonder why you did that to me, no matter what.

I need you to explain to me. 

No matter what, you do, I can still see what you have done to me. After all this time, when I thought I could trust you. 

And I thought I almost was in your mind, your heart, I was inside you..

But when good things happens, then there's always bad things.

And I can't call this a good thing.

All you did to me..

I still remember. I can't forget..


Our memories.. Our funny texted. Our special moments. You.


All these things are gone. Like a .. You just don't care about me anymore.

And I still can't believe that you don't even think about me, after all this time, we had together.

That was wasted of time. But at same time it wasn't. 

If I never met you, I would probably not be who I am now.

You did this to me. And I'm thankful for all the time we spend together.

But I can't believe you just left..

Like.. " Goodbye. " and then you were gone.

It hurts so much. I can't explain.

I'm thinking about you everyday, and the only thing I wish most of all, is to forget you.

Forget everything, so I can continue my real life. Cause this isn't my real life, and I don't wish it is.

Cause this is a nightmare.


I hate you so much. I can't still believe, you just left me like this. 

I hope the best for you in the future, but at the same time, I hope you feel sorry.. Cause you should, and you deserve  that.


You'll never be welcome again. Never. Well, maybe if you need me one more time.. Just to be sure. I won't be there for you.

Cause it's all over..

And I love you.. I miss you. And I hate you.. So FUCKING bad..


- F.


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