Shifter's Order: The Beginning

Alice is your typical Assassin; train all day, everyday, until she has perfected her trade. She believes she is as normal as she can get, but on her sixteenth birthday (sorry I know, total cliché) her life changes forever. Alice learns that there is more to her Order than meets the eye, and she's about to dive head first into it. Hope you enjoy!


10. Chapter 9

*Alice's POV*

I laid against Cobalt in the middle of the forest, humming the unbirthday song from Alice in Wonderland. I was resting after a long day of trying to find my next victim. I had gotten news that the Gagers are starting to call me the Cheshire Cat. A little offended by the cat part but I still find it funny how they chose to name me after a character from the story I was named after "Alice in Wonderland". I stared up at the sky and laughed to myself and drifted off into sleep.
     I woke up with a start. It was still dark out but I could hear the sound of twigs and branches snapping along with the sound of many footsteps. Gagers I thought. I quickly and quietly got up, tied Cobalt to a tree and climbed the tree armed with my bow and arrows. Sure enough a group of about 7 Gagers marched into my camp armed with guns. "Where is he?" I heard the one ask "I don't know, this looks like his camp, look and here's his horse, black as night like the stories". Stories? I thought, cool! "Ya, it's a strong horse, since the Cheshire Cat's not here, let's head back, and take his horse, it can serve us well.". They were starting to untie him when I shot an arrow at the man untying Cobalt and he fell along with every single other Gager in the group except for the main speaker. He just stood stunned, I shot him in the shoulder, pinning him to a tree, then I jumped down from the tree and landed on Cobalt's back, he didn't even flinch. I walked him over to the man where I still kept my face hidden by my hood. "I don't like people trying to taking my horse." I said to him sweetly. He still had a pained expression but he asked sounding confused "Wait, you sound feminine...are you a girl?" I flipped my hood back, releasing my brown hair that fell over my face. "Aw, did you expect an easier fight from a guy?" "What's your name?" He asked in a tone that sounded like he was trying to make me sympathize for him. "I'm the one you call the Cheshire Cat however, I am Alice, welcome to my Wonderland" I said darkly, then I stepped back shifted and seeing the look of shock on his face made me grin, I lunged and ripped out his throat.

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