Shifter's Order: The Beginning

Alice is your typical Assassin; train all day, everyday, until she has perfected her trade. She believes she is as normal as she can get, but on her sixteenth birthday (sorry I know, total cliché) her life changes forever. Alice learns that there is more to her Order than meets the eye, and she's about to dive head first into it. Hope you enjoy!


16. Chapter 15

*Alice's POV*
"STOP!" Collin yelled. That had me taken aback. I stopped, my swords at my sides but still in hand. The leader looked shocked that a simple soldier was able to control me. I didn't speak but Collin did "Don't do this! Your don't have to exact your revenge on everyone of us Cheshire! I know you, you WOULDN'T do this". It's a good thing he kept my identity. I nodded and was about to turn away when I saw out of the corner of my eye, the leader nodded to his other. I turned to attack but a fraction of a second to late. One stabbed me with their glowing stick, which I found out stunned you, I dropped to the ground, on my hands and knees. There was a ringing noise in the background but I quickly shook it off as I had my hands clasped behind my back and brought to my knees in front of the leader. I kept my head down, "Well, Cheshire, there's someone who will want to see you back at camp. Aw, not so mighty now are you?" He said as he kicked me in the stomach. I started cursing at him in French and he just laughed "So a French man are we? Well Monsieur Cheshire, it's a good thing Collin hear 'knows' you, otherwise we never would have caught you." "Oh, he doesn't know me.." I said sweetly in response. He stopped laughing after hearing my voice. "What did you say?" he said in a confused tone. He pulled my hood back and I let my hair drop. I looked up at the man and said "Well, it's a good thing he doesn't know me". Then I began to grow into my wolf form. Standing just much taller than an average wolf, with blue grey fur that shone in the moon light, and glowing brown eyes. The looks on their faces read surprise and unbelief, but their eyes read fear. I lunged at the leader, ripping out his throat, then I did the same to the others. When I turned to Collin, he had fallen on his back and was trying to crawl away. I shifted and quickly said "Well, I can't let anyone know I have two secrets, can I?" before shifting back. I howled then lunged but mid-air I was knocked down, I was about to get back up was knocked out instead.
     I had the same dream about my village last night, but this time, instead of a huge wolf with red eyes, it was a man with eyes as black as coal. He stood over me then drew out his gun, pointed it at me and fired.
     I jumped out of my skin from the dream. I was in a cage just big enough for me in my wolf form, which was what I was in. Good I thought, they shouldn't now who I am, unless the have Collin... the thought sent a shiver down my spine. If they do, then I'm royally screwed. Just then, the sheet that was covering my cage, was taken off, letting light flood the cage, I blinked trying to get used to the brightness. The light revealed that they had a metal collar around my neck and it attached to the cage with a thick chain. My eyes shot to the door of the cage. Outside of the cage, there stood two men I had never seen before. "Wow! It's huge, and look at the colouring, it's beautiful!" "Well that's not the only thing it is Mike. It killed an entire troop on its own!" I growled deeply, my fur bristling as I backed as far as I could into a corner. "Ha ha dude, I think it can understand you!" the one said laughing, "So, what does the commander want with it?" the other asked. "I'm not sure, I think he said he wanted a pet or guard dog or something.". I lunged to the front of the cage and the two men backed up. Then I went to the opposite side, curled up in a ball and tried to sleep.

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