Shifter's Order: The Beginning

Alice is your typical Assassin; train all day, everyday, until she has perfected her trade. She believes she is as normal as she can get, but on her sixteenth birthday (sorry I know, total cliché) her life changes forever. Alice learns that there is more to her Order than meets the eye, and she's about to dive head first into it. Hope you enjoy!


15. Chapter 14

*Alice's POV*
We walked through the forest talking about the Gagers, assassins and how I came to be the most notorious of them all. "So what happened exactly?" Collin asked me, "A few days before my 16th birthday, I was out riding when a guy jumped out from the woods and spooked Cobalt and I fell off. The I asked him where he was from and he said New York, and that he was here on vacation with his family. He sort of freaked me out, he had black hair and hazel eyes and was very tall." He stopped me mid story "Wait, did you catch his name?" "Ya, his name was Fallon, anyway, I drove him off. Then one day after my birthday, I was, again, out riding and a huge fleet of Gagers were marching towards my home. Long story short, I got away but my dad, my dad wasn't so lucky.". He stared at me wide eyed then cursed. "What?" I asked, he snapped out of his daze and spoke "Fallon, he's the commander of our area. He lead the Gagers to your house, I bet he was searching for it and found you instead!". It was my turn to be surprised "That little bastard! It's his fault my dad's dead! I'll hunt him down and put his head on a spike! I'll engrave my name into his skin with my sword and make him slowly bleed to death! I'll, I'll -" I yelled. "Jesus! Calm down, your turning into the Queen of Hearts rather than Alice!" "Ha Ha very funny.." I sarcastically said swatting him in the back of the head. "Ow!" He yelled laughing.
     I jumped down from Cobalt and climbed into a tree before Collin had time to get off as well. "What is it?" He asked trying to climb the tree I was in. "Shut up!" I whisper/yelled, and he did. I looked down the path and saw another Gager troop headed our way. "Do you know them?" I asked, he shook his head. Good I thought this will make things easier. "Get on Cobalt, get away from here. You won't want to watch this..." "Wait what?" Was all he got out before I kicked him out of the tree, luckily he land on Cobalt.
     I pulled out my bow and arrows, I notched an arrow and prepared myself for an easy kill. As they started to pass me, I shot multiple arrows, disarming all the soldiers, they frantically turned around trying to find the shooter. That was when I jumped down, drawing my two swords, walking slowly toward their shocked faces. I had a sick grin plastered on my face. "You know, I'm starting to get sick of you trying to invade my camp" I said darkly with a hint of amusement in my voice. One by one, they all advanced upon me, and I killed all those who attacked me, swiftly without a scream. When there were only 3 left, I had stopped in front of them, swinging my swords. I was about to go for the kill when Collin jumped in front of the leader, facing me, "STOP!" he yelled.

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