Shifter's Order: The Beginning

Alice is your typical Assassin; train all day, everyday, until she has perfected her trade. She believes she is as normal as she can get, but on her sixteenth birthday (sorry I know, total cliché) her life changes forever. Alice learns that there is more to her Order than meets the eye, and she's about to dive head first into it. Hope you enjoy!


11. Chapter 10

*Collin's POV*
Just as we were finishing up our lunch, a voice came over the PA system "Troop 6 report to the briefing room" and we did. When we got there, the commander looked distraught. The commander was young, not much older than 18, he has black messy hair and hazel eyes and was about 6feet tall. We all lined up, saluted him, and then he spoke "Troop 6, we have received a report that Troop 3 has not come back from their mission. Your mission is to go out there and see what their up to! If you see anyone who looks are acts like the assassin-" "Um.. Sir, we have all come up with a nickname for the assassin, so it will be easier to understand who we are talking about." I said without thinking "Don't interrupt me soldier! What's your name?" "Um... Collin... Sir." "Well, Collin, why don't you enlighten us on what we are to call this monster of a man." "The Cheshire Cat, Sir!" I said quickly. "And why would you name him after a cutesy little fairy tale character?".
     I gulped "Well, Sir, whenever he kills one of us, he always leave claw marks on the body, although I'm not sure where those come from. He also cuts their mouths longer, almost to the temple, and then he disappears without a trace." I said with my voice slightly shaking. He laughed then said "You surprised me Collin, and I'm not usually surprised. And although it will pain me to say this, I like that name for the assassin. Ok troop, go out and see what mess Troop 3 has gotten themselves into. Oh! And as I was saying, if you see, anyone, and I mean anyone who looks, sounds or acts like the Cheshire Cat, you kill them. We can't risk him screwing up anymore of our missions! On second thought, don't kill 'em, bring them back here for interrogation.". "YES SIR!" we all said, and we started off.
*Alice's POV*
     I walked around my camp, picking up the dead bodies and throwing them in a ditch. All except for the leader of this troop, he was still pinned to the tree with an arrow and my signature horrifying grin I plastered on everyones faces. He was my new trophy. I grabbed all their weapons and stuffed them into a hole in the ground, although these were good quality,I much preferred to use and old fashioned way of doing my dirty work. My stomach growled, I then realized how hungry I was. So I shifted and headed off into the woods to find lunch.
*Collin's POV*
     We marched down an old path in the forest trying to find Troop 3. I was at the back of the marching line, thinking about what we would come across, no one has ever seen the Cheshire Cat and lived. Everyone said it was a guy, but what if he, was a she? Wait, what am I thinking? Girls are to delicate to pull of a job as an assassin. Just then I heard a howl.
     Everyone in our troop stopped dead in our tracks. We all had our guns out, pointing to the area where the noise came from. "What was that?" "A wolf..." "A wolf? There aren't any wolves around here" "Well, apparently there are." "Someone should go check it out" the others were grumbling. "Ya ok, Collin go check it out." I looked shocked "Me? Why Me?" "Because your the smallest so it won't see you as a threat if you come across it." He said in a matter of fact tone. "Ugh, fine. Keep walking to where Troop 3 was seen last, I'll catch up." I said grumbling.
*Alice's POV*
     I howled as I killed a doe that I had been stalking. I dug in, it was delicious. In the distance I heard the sound of heavy foot steps and voices. I took no notice of it as my mind was set on finishing this carcass before anything else got it. Then I heard the foot steps coming towards me, that got my attention. My head shot up to see a boy about 16 or 17 with a gun walking towards me through the woods. I let out a deep growl and a short bark to let him know that I was here and he wasn't going to take my food. As soon as he heard me growl, he jumped, finally seeing me. He was shaking fiercely. I stopped growling and got a good look at him while he was petrified, he was tall and lanky with a little muscle. He had jet black hair and frightening blue eyes.
     He shook out of his daze and pointed the gun at me, cocking it. I started growling again, walking slowly up to him about to attack when I heard more voices and Cobalt neighing. My head shot up again turning toward the sound, and I took off running.
*Collin's POV*
     As I walked through the forest, I looked around frantically, just then I heard a deep growl and a bark that shook me. I looked straight a head and saw a beautiful grey wolf with glowing brown eyes staring back at me, teeth bared. I jumped at the sight. I shook out of my daze and pointed the gun at the thing, ready to fire. But before I could, it put it's head up and ran off.


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