My Fang Brother

Twilight in the view of Alice Cullen. Enjoy!


1. School

I was in school, one day, when I saw a truck driving around the parking lot. I was going to go see if they needed help,but then they went over to reception. Ah well. At least Mrs Ally would be able to help whoever it was out.

It was lunch time, when I saw the new girl. We were 'eating lunch' and she (yes it was a she) looked over. I think she was looking at Edward, slot more than most people do. Maybe she was the girl I saw?

We all looked in different ways when she looked over, but we were still talking. Quietly, so no one could here us.

Edward: she's looking at me.

Me: of course she is, Edward, everyone does.

Emmet: Ha! It looks like she's scrutinizing us!

Rosalie: I don't like her already.

Me: Rose!

Jasper: Alice, she's looking at me, I don't like it!

Me: calm down, Jas, she's looked away now.

We all sighed with relief. Then Edwards head snapped up to Jessica,

Me: look away! She didn't call your name out loud!

Edward: oh, sorry.

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