"Let's run away together, you and me." said Niall. "But Nia-" I said.
"Shhhh," he replied, "What we have is forever..."


5. Fame, fortune and pure shock.

"The ones that truly love us never really leave us."

Keira's P.O.V:

I checked my phone. Nothing. I hadn't heard from Niall in 2 months. Crazy right? Ever since that X factor thing he's always 'busy' with the boys. By boys I mean One Direction. My Ni Ni was in a boy band. It was the final of the X factor and he (Well, One direction) were still in! I was overjoyed yet I couldn't help but worry. I couldn't watch the X factor as I had no TV. I had to sell it as I don't have much money and every job I've ever had I've been sacked from. I just can't fit in, you know? Obviously I saw him on things like social media etc. but we never spoke. It's like we never knew each other.

Then, as I walked past the local newsagent, I saw, plastered on the window, ONE DIRECTION SPEAKS OUT. I bought a copy of the paper and went home.

I read the paper, saving the interview with 'One Direction's own, Niall Horan.' till last.

As I shoved my head into the paper I read something that changed my life.

"So Niall, single or taken?" - Reporter

"Yeah I'm taken, sorry ladies!" -Niall

I burst into tears, why? "Her name is... Holly Tomkins, cute name I know."

I tossed and turned that night. His fame, his 'girlfriend' and his band is out of control. One direction had won the X factor and were recording an album. I was happy for him, at least he had what he wanted. So much for my happily ever after.

Niall's P.O.V:

Ever since I met Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn my life has turned upside down. I'm famous, I have the greatest friends ever and the best girlfriend ever. I am recording and album an millions of girls love me. This is amazing!

That night, Holly Tomkins, my amazing girlfriend, had moved in to my new house. Seriously it was epic. So much room- not like that crappy one I used to share with- never mind. I was in bed with her, about to fall into a sleep when I feel her lips smash on mine. I kissed back. This kiss was passionate, rough, unlike any other. But, it had to be ruined.

As things were heating up and she started unbuttoning my shirt, straddling me, I moaned, "Keira.."

"Who the hell is that?" She replied.

"Oh um... sorry I just got a text, I, um... just going to go to the bathroom."








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