"Let's run away together, you and me." said Niall. "But Nia-" I said.
"Shhhh," he replied, "What we have is forever..."


2. Confessions.

Niall's P.O.V:

"Oh my god Ni, this is beautiful!" said Keira. I was tempted to reply with 'not as beautiful as you' but I stopped myself.

We were on the roof of our flat. Keira and I have been living together ever since we both turned 18 but we had been friends for so much longer. We were the bestest of friends. We had no balcony so we used our imagininations- so here we are, on a rooftop, 11:59pm, looking up at the stars.

"I know." I replied. I had nothing else to say. Recently my feelings have changed for her, ever since I 'accidently' saw her climbing out of the shower. She was beautiful, kind and respectful. We had so much in common. But I craved her, loved her. I needed her. Not in a best friend sense. But I was scared of confessing my true feelings. What if it messes everything up? What if she doesn't feel the same? I knew there was only one way to find out.

Keira's P.O.V:

"Ni? Niall are you ok?" I questioned, whispering in his ear.

"Eh? Oh yeah I'm fine." Niall said, with a hint of sorrow in his eyes.

"C'mon, what's wrong? You haven't been yourself lately, ever since... you know..." I burst into fits of cute giggles.

"The shower 'incident'? He said, going bright red.

I nodded, still giggling.

"Well, um.. yeah.. I-I- I love you." He stammered.

"Awwww I love you too Ni Ni." I smiled.

"No, not like that. I love you, as in, like-like you. (our term for love, quite childish, really) I want to  be with you for ever. I want to marry you, kiss you, hug you, be with you every second, I want a mini you and and a mini me."

I froze. My world stopped. What did he just say?

Author's note:

Hi! I'm quite proud of that :) Do you guys like it? Note: Niall isn't in 1D...yet.


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