Nine Lives

Victoria Parker is an 18 year old girl, surrounded by a life of sex, drugs, and con artists. Her father was killed when she was young leaving herself, her brother Luke and her fragile mother wrapped up in the twisted world he trapped them in. Now, instead of going to school like normal teenagers, they live a life of lies and violence. Until one day, something happens to Victoria leaving her on the side of a road, forgetting who she is and what she does. Saved by Caleb, a shy soul who tries to help her remember who she is, they form an unlikely friendship that bonds them. But if Victoria remembers who she is and what she does, is this the end of their friendship for good?


1. Luke

There was a bang at the door and it woke me suddenly. I looked at the clock and it read 2.33 am, I sighed and stretched out and I stared at the ceiling until I heard another bang followed by "Vic! Wake up, we've got work to do." My brother, Luke said bluntly, his words seeping through the rotting wooden door. I sat up and shouted back "I'm coming I'll be down in a minute." I heard him walk away down the hall as I sat up from my bed and walked over to the long mirror leaning against the window sill. I took my brunette, almost black hair out of its bun and it fell to my shoulders in thick ringlets and wiped the residue of yesterdays make up off and applied it fresh. Taupe eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blusher, red lipstick. The usual. I threw on some black ripped jeans, a grey low cut shirt that clung to my body and showed off my boobs, and my favourite black boots and went downstairs. 

I entered the living room. It was a horrible orange-red colour, like paprika, the floors were bare and there were three sofas that surrounded a coffee table that was drowned in alcohol cigarette butts and mini plastic bags filled with white substances. I rolled my eyes in disgust at the men that surrounded it. One man turned around and looked at me, his eyes widened when he saw me and he grinned showing off his mangled yellow teeth that clung to a cigar. 

"Hey baby, why don't you come join us? You can sit right here next to me." 
He grimaced and raised from his seat and made his way towards me, the smell of nicotine made it's way to my nose and I choked as it strangled me. I swerved out of his way before he could get his callous hands on me. 
"I'd love to do a line with you and your buddies, but as much as it pains me to say, I can't. I have work to do." I said sarcastically as I gave him a dirty look and strutted over to the kitchen where Luke was. He slid a sandwich over to me, "Eat quick we have to go"

I took a big bite of my sandwich, I was so hungry seeing as I hadn't eaten in what feels like forever. "Where are we going, what's the rush?" I asked in between bites. Luke finished drinking his coffee and replied "You'll see when we get there." He was so secretive, it annoyed me. After I finished we left the apartment, it was still dark when we left the house. I looked at my watch, it was 3.12 am and it was cold, I could see my breath. I stepped into Luke's big black truck and we drove, for what seemed like hours. There was a tense silence in the car so I turned the radio on and listened to some music on a low volume, for a while I felt relaxed, I closed my eyes and listened, until I heard Luke sigh and turn it off. I opened my eyes and looked at him angrily. "What is your problem seriously, why are you so mad all the time recently?" 

"It's nothing he said, not looking at me. 

"Are you going to tell me where we're going yet." 

"We're going to see a man, about something." 

"That something being.."

I waited for him to answer but he kept silent. Typical, I thought. 

Around 4.00 in the morning we pulled up into a car park, it had three other cars parked in a line facing us. I went to open the door but Luke leaned over and pulled it shut again. I looked at him confused.

"You stay here, don't come out." 
"Then what was the point of me even coming." 
He didn't answer, obviously. He just stepped out of his side and made his way to the other cars. The sky was getting lighter and I could just about see him.
He was so tall, six foot at least. He had shiny black hair that was quite curly, and so thick it looked false. He had perfect teeth, unlike me who had to have braces, and a light dusting of freckles over his nose spreading to his cheeks and he had the most gorgeous clear tanned skin, apart from the odd scars. A deep one that ran the length of his left arm, one from his shoulder to the middle of his collar bone, and a few long ones, short ones, deep ones light ones, scattered across the top right of his back. 
I don't know how he got any of them, I'd never bothered to ask. We weren't that close anyway. I only discovered that I had an older sibling just over a year ago now, six months before our father died. 

When I first saw him he was in our kitchen in our old house. I had just come home from school with my best friend Anna, we went inside and she went straight to the kitchen. "I think I'm going to die of thirst oh my god!" 
"Hahaha, I think you need to exercise more then!" I shouted at her from the hallway as I took my coat off. As I turned around from the closet she materialized in front of me, eyes wide and a big grin on her face. 
"There's a really cute guy sitting in your kitchen." She whispered excitedly "Who is he?" 
At this point I was very confused. No hot guys ever came into my house, except for Daniel, my boyfriend at the time, and I knew he wasn't here, he was at football practice. 

I walked into the kitchen slowly, and there he was. Just sitting at the island drinking a beer, he turned to face me and he had a blank expression on his face. 
"Who the hell are you!?" I quizzed

"I'm Luke." He replied after a few awkward silent seconds, looking over my shoulder at Anna standing there, eyes glued to his eyes. His big blue eyes. 

"What are you doing here?" 

"Your parents brought me here, told me to wait until they got back." 

I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and saw Anna standing there. 

"You should totally hook up with this guy." 

"I can't do that I have a boyfriend, remember?" 
"Yeah but Daniel's not here and...he is"

I turned around to look at him and he was still staring at me. He was good-looking. Not cute but hot, manly hot. Rigid jawline, stubble, a bit of an angry, troubled look. The whole tall dark and handsome. "No!" I thought to myself. "I couldn't cheat on Daniel, I mean yeah this Luke guy is cuter than Daniel. Taller, better looking, kind of mysterious. 

"Hey" Anna snapped her fingers an I snapped out of my daydream. She pulled me into the hallway "One minute Luke" She smiled at him sweetly and he smirked in reply.

"You were totally thinking about him just now." She stood and crossed her arms. 

"Hey I was not! Boyfriend remember!" 

"Please! You even said yourself you were gonna dump Daniel. Why not get over him by getting under him?" She cocked her head in the direction of Lukes whereabouts. 

Before I could open my mouth to protest some more, the front door opened and my parents walked in. I turned back to Anna and told her she needed to leave. She replied with an "Okay but text me later!" She winked as she hopped out the door. "Bye Mr and Mrs Parker!" 

I stood looking at my parents, arms crossed tapping my foot like I was the parent and I had just caught my kids sneaking in, in the middle of the night. 

"Who is the strange boy sitting in the kitchen?" 

"Ah, honey, come through we'll explain everything." My mother put her arms around me and guided me back to the kitchen. I sat opposite Luke and I could feel his eyes burn into my skull. My father sat next to him and began. 

"Well you see" He adjusted himself on the chair. 

"Luke is your.." 

"I'm your brother." 

My eyes shot to his in shock. "What!? I have a brother? And you're telling me this now? No." I didn't know what else to say. All my life I thought of myself as an only child and now, no where, out of the blue, I have a brother. All thoughts of me and him together fizzled away like a candle that has been blown out. I wasn't too fond of the idea of incest. 

"We wanted to tell you sooner, but there was never a right time!" My mother defended herself. 
"Why now? Out of seventeen years you never thought to tell me?" 
"We were very young when I had Luke I was nineteen, our families didn't approve, my options were abort him or put him up for adoption, so I did. He found us and got in touch with us saying he'd like to meet his blood family. I was so overjoyed when I heard that. I wanted to share the news with you." 

I was hesitant at first but I sort of understood. Nineteen is young to have a child, and he's just as much a part of this family than I am now so I suppose I could give him a chance, he doesn't seem that bad. I stood forward and shook his hand.

I snapped out of my flashback instantly when I heard a gunshot and glass shatter around me. I looked up and Luke was no where to be seen.


Hey guys! This is my first Movella, not sure how I did on my first chapter. Please comment what you think. :) x

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