Nine Lives

Victoria Parker is an 18 year old girl, surrounded by a life of sex, drugs, and con artists. Her father was killed when she was young leaving herself, her brother Luke and her fragile mother wrapped up in the twisted world he trapped them in. Now, instead of going to school like normal teenagers, they live a life of lies and violence. Until one day, something happens to Victoria leaving her on the side of a road, forgetting who she is and what she does. Saved by Caleb, a shy soul who tries to help her remember who she is, they form an unlikely friendship that bonds them. But if Victoria remembers who she is and what she does, is this the end of their friendship for good?


5. Getting out

"Victoria!" I heard my name being called. It was faint at first, like they were far away. "Victoria!" They were getting closer, I could hear them more clearly now. My eyes fluttered open and I could just about make out Luke's figure leaning over me. 

"Oh my God Victoria are you okay?" He sat me up right, my head was pounding, I could feel the blood swirling around my head. 
"Obviously not you dick." I may be near dead but I still had enough life in me to be justifiably rude. He picked me up bridal style and laid me down on a cold surface, a metal table with a light hanging above it. 
"Oh my God Vic I'm so sorry, I never meant for this to happen I am so sorry." Luke began apologizing over and over again kissing my forehead and stroking my hair. " I could hear you screaming from down here, it was so loud, I thought he'd killed you." I don't know if because I'd been beaten within and inch of my life or what but I saw tears roll from Luke's eyes, dripping onto my neck, they were warm. I began slowly, but surely, waking up. I sat up slowly and looked at my arms, they had cuts all over them, blood had seeped through my clothes, through my jeans, everywhere.
"I need to get you out of here. Are you strong enough to run?" 
"I can try." He helped me step down from the table and my legs wobbled, they felt like jelly but Luke held me up right. 
"There's a window over there, you're small enough to fit through come on." He walked me over to the window and helped hoist me up, I grabbed on to the outside pavement and pulled myself up, I slid through and turned around and looked through the window. "Aren't you coming?" I asked Luke. "I can't I can't fit through. I have to stay." "But they'll kill you! Especially if they know you helped me escape." I couldn't survive without him, even if I hated him I had no where to go, I needed him. 
"You may not be my little sister, or my friend even but I care about you, I want you to be safe." 
We could hear footsteps coming down the stairs. They were coming for us. Luke turned to me in panic. "Listen, don't go back to the flat, don't trust anyone, just get out of the city make your way to New York and stay there, I'll come get you I promise okay?" 
"Good now go quick!" The door opened and Luke flew backwards "RUN!" He shouted to me. I lifted myself up off of the floor and began running, as fast as my short legs could carry me. I didn't turn back, I just ran and ran and ran. 



When my legs could carry me no more, I began walking. I was so hungry I decided to search for a place to eat. At least those guys didn't take my money from me. I stopped at a 24 hour grill and sat down at the counter. A boy appeared in front of me, his name tag said "ADAM", "What would you like miss" 
"I'll have a...umm... an English breakfast, but with sausages, two hash browns, beans tinned tomatoes, grilled tomatoes, brown toast white toast and a large coke." 

Adam looked at me, "Woahh, man you must be hungry." I leaned my head against my hands "You have no idea." 
He looked at me with frowned eyes. "What?" "Um...what happened to you?" "What do you mean?" He stepped to the side and I looked ahead at the back splash mirror. "Oh my God." I was so speechless. That man had beaten me to a pulp. I was surprised I was alive at all. Oh my god I if I look like this what the hell will Luke look like? I began to cry again. Adam came back with my breakfast and a slice of cake. "Here, on the house, you look like you've had a rough night." "Thank you" I looked at him gratefully. I ate every last thing on my plates and I felt kind of better for it, but I was so tired. I think Adam saw it too because he said I could sleep in the back storeroom and I did. I made a blanket out of a coat and a pillow out of a scarf and I fell asleep and honestly, I never wanted to wake up.

Unfortunately, never waking up again was an option, Adam shook me until I was awake. I rubbed my eyes clear of sleep. "Hey, some guys are looking for you." I shot up, head still pounding, heart beating fast. What if they find me? What if they kill me this time? "Did you tell them I was here?" "No, they look kinda scary, are they the guys that did that to you?" 
"Yeah they were." "Don't worry I won't tell them you're here, hide behind these boxes I'll tell you when the coast is clear." 

I crouched behind boxes of sauce and salt and pepper and waited, I could hear what was going on next door. 
"A girl? Black jeans, grey shirt?" 
"Yeah that's her, she come in here?"
"Yeah but, she didn't stay long, bought a water and left straight away."
"Which way did she go?" 
"Not sure, down town I think, sorry man." 
After a while I heard the bell ring when someone opened the door and shut it, a couple of seconds later Adam came back into the room and said they had left. I arose from behind the boxes. I had to leave, get out of this city as soon as possible.
"Thank you, so much for helping me, I have to leave now but thank you so much." Adam gave me his hoodie to try help disguise me. I took it and put the hood up and I left, walking fast in the opposite direction of the men. My whole body ached, I could just about walk without falling over. It was at least 1 pm now, still early enough to get far away. 

I left the city and ended up hitchhiking on the freeway. I know Luke told me to not trust anyone but what could I do? I couldn't walk to New York it'd take days. I made it out of Rhode Island and ended up in Pennsylvania, the man who rode me there dropped me off on the side of the road and I began walking. It was at least 7 by now and I was still so tired, I ran out of breath fast. I fell to my knees and I could feel blood in my throat and once more, everything was black.


I could hear a car pull up beside me, lights in my eyes. Someone picked me up and laid me in the back of their car and began driving.


(A/N) It's a little boring I know I'm sorry but I promise I'll make it more interesting. :) x

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