Past and Present

Luke Hemmings is a troubled teenager his parents have many famous company's and travel a lot. Brogan on the other hand moves from Scotland where her family have had a falling out. Brogan flees Scotland and moves to Australia thinking she's leaving behind her problem. She meets Luke and everything come back to face her.


1. 1) Somewhere New

Okay so thus is my first actual fan fic so please bare with me because I have other fan fictions on watt pad so it's hard for me to update a lot. Anyways im going by B because yeah I'm not doing it fancy or that okay enjoy snugglemuffins.

Chapter One) Somewhere New

Brogans P.O.V

I got out of the car as the taxi pulled up at my new apartment the driver pulled off down the road and I grabbed my stuff and dragged it inside.

I got a job at Starbucks to afford the apartment and the food, clothes and that. I was just relieved that I was out of Scotland away from my stupid American step dad. The only reason I moved here was because he was assaulting us both and I couldn't take it no more.

The door knocked bringing me away from my thoughts and I opened it only to be pulled into a giant hug from my best friend Mhairi. Mhairi moved from Scotland to Australia three years ago I couldn't wait to catch up with her.

'Its Saturday, school in two days I'm excited are you omg my friend is back' She pulled out of our hug and looked around.

'Yeah I am just I'm really busy' I say trying to shoo her out 'I've also got the biggest headache' I lie.

'Well I better go I'm meeting up with my boyfriend' And with that she walked off.

First day of school

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