Undiscovered Love

April Silver and Daniel Henderson, young love that was taken into the unknown and the mystery. Secrets and bribes change the fate of their future.
The secret that took April and her family away. What will happen when Daniel appears, will secrets be exposed or will they stay forever hidden.

1. 1

Tears are running through my eyes. First this awful message from my boyfriend, then my mother saying we're moving. What is this madness? It's like my world is turning upside down. I pace back and forth thinking of all the possibilities of why Daniel would right such a note. The words "I never loved you." run over again and again in my mind; only to make me cry more. I take a seat on the edge of my bed with my head in my hands.

"April." My mom comes into my room and sits next to me. "This move will be good for a us, a brand new start. Especially now." she continues and puts her hand on my stomach.

Even though my "boyfriend" doesn't love me, he is the father of my child.  I can't just take that away from him. 

"He has the right to know about the baby.." I quietly state.

I pick up my phone and dial his number. There's no answer and goes straight to voice mail. I leave a message "I just wanted to let you know that I am pregnant. Not like it matters to you, not like you even care. Goodbye Danny." I speed up the voice mail otherwise I would burst into a puddle of tears that I was already in.

"I'll go.." my mom rubs my back. "This will be good for us." she repeats and grabs a suitcase.

Throughout the night I continue packing, and we leave everything behind.

A brand new start.

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