For the love of a wolf

she knows the fear that comes with regret and they will use it.

1. 1

I gnawed at my nails. The uneven surface annoying me as it was warn down. We stood in the mass of a crowd, engulfed in the nattering whispers and high pitched mutters off families from all over town. All preaching and preening their daughters for this day they had waited a year to relive. Hoping, just hoping, that this year a choice would be made.

"why are you so nervous? this happens every year."

I turned away from him. The nervous fluttering as I worried for all those I knew always. The same with the relief that held me each time no choice was made.

"T' you still bite you nails, and enjoy wallowing in the lake when you get bored, I think he would want some with a bit more majestic, you know like, Cath' or Eleanor. Someone with at least a little class."

I glared at him. Sadly as one of my few friends, hating him would just be counterproductive and a little far fetched.

"well you never know he might."

I briskly turned away from him as a deep chuckle emanated from him.

" T', what makes you think he may pick you."

"well I don't know, maybe it is to do with my parents being, you know who they were."

"Come on T', no one knows who your parents were. That note was all they left you with, And it was probably just a rouse by the orphanage to get someone to take you in."

"It obviously worked, didn't it or was it  just my charms and sweet, adorable nature."

 I sent him one of my best fetching smiles. Causing to shake is head as he tried not to grin. At the age of eight I was adopted by Kane's family, they lived in an old manor house, with farmland enough for even me to explore. Kane was a brother to me even before his parents took me in. His goofy grin and wild imagination got him as close to matching my weirdness even when we were little. Now ten years later we still mucked about on the farm, his Nana our only guardian after his parents passed away three years ago. since then his age had begun to show, his thoughts turning more to work, than child's play, that came with his inheritance he would get a year from now, on his twenty first birthday, This would be the last time he would come with me. To the exhibition.

" Its Just going to be the same as the last four years running. He wont make his chose that's if he actually turns up. no one is good enough for his greatness."

"Awww, come on k',where's your sense of spirit. Its time for the presentation, for the goddess to be reborn."

"as they have said since the last one died."

"Fine, nothing seems to be happening do you want to go? before all the excitement starts?"

"please. It will save us being deafened by the fanning screams." Kane slightly tilted his head, turning it to face me while he signalled towards behind the crowds. Growling in fake aggravation I grabbed his hand and lead him through the crowds, continually looking behind to make sure I didn't lose him, even as his hand clung to mine.

Once we had reach the town gate I let go and faced him, as screams raised from the town.

"And he has arrived. what are you scowling at grumpy pants, we got out alive didn't we, Kane? "

Kane had stopped, his face pale beneath a darkening scowl.

"K', Kane what is it? come on..." 

I turned back, my nose centimetre's away from a toned chest jailed behind a white shirt.

"what are you doing away from the celebrations. you are of age are you not. All young ladies should be honoured to be shown to his majesty."

 His words slurred in a heated mix of thoughts and feelings.

"She's not interested."

The growl in Kane's voice emanated hatred towards the new arrival. he stepped forward to reaching towards me. I stepped back edging closer to great him.

"Surely the young lady should speak for herself. We do live in an age of equality, after all."

His words shimmered through the air, his eyes flickering between gold and brown, the fluctuating gaze hypnotic in the dying sun.

"I thank you but no, I am sorry but I reject your offer. I wish no part in the events to unfurl."

The words floated around my head whilst the wind stilled they still seemed foreign despite my voice echoing them out loud. I so badly wanted to agree, I don't know to what. His answer startled me as I ran through my thoughts.

"Farewell then Teal Aubrey, I hope we shall meet again soon."

His gaze sent burning ice through my veins. only soothed by Kane's arms wrapping around me. I stood unmoving as the man started towards the town. Drawing a path through the meadow grasses. 

"Teal. Teal are you ok? Teal."

"yes, Yes I am fine K' lets just get home."

Walking back I felt paranoid drawn to look behind me every few steps. Trying to ignore the whispering eyes, I knew were watching me.



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