A Painful Ending

A short story

Hope you like it :)


1. A Painful Ending

"Annie" my mother called from the kitchen.
i love my mother, growing up without a father has been incredibly tough on all of us, me, my mother, and my older brother Daniel, (we call him Dan for short) but we got through it, we don't need a father, my mother is all we need. We don't talk about my dad very much, so i don't really know much about him, all i know is that he left when i was four years old. i think about him quite a lot, i always try and figure out why he would have wanted to leave us, i don't really know what he looks like but my mum sleeps with a picture of him under her pillow, seems like she still finds it hard to let go of the fact that he's really gone, she must have really loved him.

I strolled down stairs wearing jeans, my doc martens and a black t-shirt, listening to my iPod.

"Darling take those headphones out of your ears, i never get to speak to you anymore." she took my headphones out of my ears for me, "what do you want to talk about" i muttered. "We're moving house, and you will be going to a new school, Dan is fine with it i just couldn't find the right time to tell you, I've packed some of your things, we're leaving tomorrow morning." i sat there for a moment, and i took my jacket and my headphones and left the house. I live in California in a little house which was getting a little old now. We've been moving around a lot since my dad left, and now we're moving all the way to Beverley hills in Los Angeles, we are moving into a huge house with 7 bedrooms, a swimming pool and much more. now just thinking about it i can't wait to go, i needed that little walk to clear my head, I don't have many friends here anyway so its not like i have anything to leave behind, plus Beverley hills is where my dad lives. i wonder if that's why my mum wants to move there? Maybe he will want to see us.

I go back inside, my brother is in my room packing up some of my things because i wasn't there to pack them, "thank you for not lashing out on mum, she's really happy we have the money and are able to move and be happier" and he leans over and gives me a big hug.
"its okay, i want to go anyway, maybe ill make some new friends out there" I say quietly.
"get some rest we have a long journey tomorrow and its your birthday!"

I wake up, brush my teeth, get dressed and quickly eat some breakfast, as i leave the kitchen my mother and Dan are both standing there singing happy birthday, holding a little chocolate cake with the numbers 16 on the top, i quickly blow them out give them both a big hug and say thank you.
We set off to L.A, I am more excited than i have been for a while now, its not that long a drive so i had off to sleep for a while.

I'm woken up by the sound of my brother shouting "wow look at this place its incredible" i look up and smile at the beautiful view of our new home.
There are big black gates that tower over us all, my mother puts in four numbers into the security pad next to the gates, they open and the house looks amazing from where i stand. We all walk up along the stone path up to the big brown wooden doors my mother pulls out a big key, turns it and pushes the doors wide open.

The house is beautiful, very antique all stone and patterned ceilings and walls and floor, i make my way up with Dan and we both choose our rooms, mine has a big double bed and a huge walk in closet.

I start to unpack all of my things and then i go downstairs through to the incredibly large kitchen and out the back doors into the garden, there is a big table and a large swimming pool with crystal clear blue water, its boiling hot so i take off my t-shirt leaving me wearing my bikini, i go back inside to get a towel.

There's a knock on the door. I quickly rush to answer it, a brown hair and blue eyed boy with the most beautiful face and body i have ever seen stands before me, outside my house, on my doorstep, speaking to me "hello im your new neighbour Christian, will you be coming to West Beverley high school?... Erm hello?" I quickly stopped staring and said what was on my mind " sorry your just gorgeous" shocked that i had said it out loud i stood there completely embarrassed. "thank you, and your beautiful" he said. He called me beautiful! My subconscious is screaming with happiness, "thank you, see you at school" i tried to play it cool but he has made me feel like i am really going to like living here.
Its late so I go to sleep.

I am dressed and waiting for my brother so we can walk to school, its only up the road so we manage to get there in about 10 minutes, as we are walking into the school it is full of the most nicest cars i have ever see in my life, everyone's so rich! I'm getting looks from boys and girls left right and centre, i wonder if its something that i am wearing or the way that i look?

I'm wearing black jeans, pumps and a white t-shirt, my hair is down, long and goes just past my breasts, i have very long hair, never really intended on cutting it because i don't think it would suit me having short hair, it is a caramel colour i am wearing a little makeup too, every one else is wearing all designer clothing with Prada and Louis Vuitton handbags with their Ferraris Audis and Mercedes, i admit I am a little scared to go in to school. Dan puts his arms around my shoulders and says "try and make some friends im sure you'll like it here"

I look around for Christian, to my surprise, he's standing behind me, he moves his hand across my back giving me a fluttering feeling in my stomach and says "hello Annie you look a little lost. Want me to show you around?" "Yes please, i have no idea where my tech class is".

I sit down in my seat, and get introduced to the whole class, there is a girl sitting next to me holding up a mirror putting on her lip-gloss and fixing her hair, she is flawless, her name is Serena, she may be pretty but she seems like a little bitch. She looked at me and said "you need some new clothes im taking you shopping after school" i said "okay". She might be nice you never know, but since Dan told me to make some friends, I've decided to make some, or one, for now.

After me and Serena had gone shopping i walked back home with Christian, he came along too, I didn't know we would end up becoming good friends, we spoke about a lot on the way home,like our interests and things we like to do. I think I am really starting to like him, and I think he likes me too, but I don't really think he could like someone like me.

He offers if he wants me to come back to his house with him to watch a movie, neither of us have any homework and my mums not back yet from her new work his house is about the same size as mine, but a lot more modern and cleaner.

I sit down on his big L shaped sofa whilst he picks out a DVD, 'Endless Love' I have never seen it before. As were watching he slowly moves his hand around the back of my neck and moves closer towards me, I lift my arm up and stoke his arm, he leans in to kiss me but then there's a knock on his window, its my brother, I can see that he is a bit angry at the fact that I am not at home and he didn't know where I was as its got pretty late, 7 o'clock already! I have been at Christians for about 4 hours.
I quickly hug Christian goodbye and leave with Dan.

A few months later after school is finished for the year its the summer holidays, I haven't seen Christian in a while i don't really know where he's been these past few weeks, we had an argument.

I go round to his house and knock on the window, no one answers, where could he be? has something happened to him?

Once again he startles me by moving his hand across my waist and asking me how have I been, I explain to him that I have been looking for him, and he tells me about how his family has been having a hard time lately and that he just wanted to be alone.

We are curled up on the sofa together and he is almost crying on me and he doesn't look like the type to cry.

But he starts to cry, and I fist my hands in his hair and kiss him.
Me and Christian have decided to spend the whole 6 weeks together doing fun things and really getting to know each other, my mums away on business and my brothers on holiday with his girlfriend in New York which is pretty far away. Me and Christian have been together for 5 months now and I have loved every second of it, he is my only friend, the only person who I can rely on and the only person that I can trust. I love him, but he hasn't told me he loves me yet, I really want him to love me.

We are in a limousine sipping champagne and having a good time, when all of a sudden a lorry tips over pushing our limousine into a tree and causing the tree to fall and smack onto the top of the car, Christian was knocked out cold, the driver was killed, and I was also unconscious, we were rushed straight to hospital along with the lorry driver and everyone else included in the crash.

As we had been in the hospital for over 24 hours I opened my eyes and saw a load of balloons and my brother and my mum, and to my surprise, my father? I frowned for about 2 minutes completely confused as t why he was here and if he left when I was four why would he come back now?
My mother is stroking my head, I lift my head up and ask where is Christian?
She replies "he is in a coma darling, we don't know when he will wake up, you need to rest"
I shut my eyes for a while and think about this, What if he doesn't wake up
what if he doesn't remember me?, he is my only friend what am I supposed to do now?

I am being rushed back into the ICU I can hear people shouting and asking what's going on, looks like i was the one who couldn't be saved.

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