Love Blooms

When a high school girl learns that she's fallen head over heels with her best friend, everything around her doesn't seem to please her anymore. With her jealousy and her daydreams of being with her crush, can she finally end up being happy?


1. Prologue

The light on the screen lit up and she knew it was finally ready. The hard work that she had been working for the past year was finally finished. She looked over her words that were typed in front of her and couldn't feel anymore proud than in that moment.

She got up from her spinning chair with a little bit of pride and dragged herself to her comfortable bed that was waiting for her all night. Tonight might have been her first night that she could finally sleep in peace. She wrapped the covers over her sore body and smiled to herself before she closed her tired, emerald green eyes and fell to a deep, happy, sleep. Her life could finally start again.



“There are some people who change you. They fill you with light and happiness, or they leave you with an empty hole in your body. These people are dangerous. They hurt you. They can hurt you when they’re in your life, or they hurt you when they leave. They are the best and worst people you will ever meet. You will love them and hate them all at once, and no matter what happens, they will always stay in your memory forever."

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