Love Blooms

When a high school girl learns that she's fallen head over heels with her best friend, everything around her doesn't seem to please her anymore. With her jealousy and her daydreams of being with her crush, can she finally end up being happy?


4. Chapter 3

Sophomore Year

I could read him easily. I knew by his posture or by his sentence if something was concerning him. Not only could I read him easily, but I also knew so much about him, like his favorite colors, or what car he wanted, or how he didn't have the greatest memory.

And I remember a promise that we made once when walking home from school one day. It was a quick promise that could benefit both of us, especially him.

As they both got to the other end of the cross walk, Katy knew that her idea couldn't fail.

"Christmas!" She exclaimed a little too excitedly to Nathan.

They paused at the corner of the gas station in order to discuss the sprouting idea that had entered Katy's mind.

"You didn't get me a birthday present this year because you forgot my birthday. So why not just exchange gifts for Christmas!" She explained. "You know when Christmas is, so you can't forget that."

"Yeah that's a good idea." Nathan had said a little bit relieved.

"So it's a promise. Every Christmas we will give each other gifts instead of birthday presents." Katy stated, a smile forming on her face.

"Okay, it's a promise."

Even though our promise was to exchange gifts during Christmas, I still could never hold back on a birthday present. Birthdays were one of my favorite things, it always has been.

Because Nathan's birthday was so close to Christmas, I always gave him a birthday present as well.

And we continued on our promise for a while.


"Lucy says she's going to spend Halloween with her friends from her school." Katy explained to Nathan.

It was after school and only a few days left for Halloween. Katy was bummed having heard that her best friend Lucy wanted to spend Halloween that year with her friends from her new school.

Lucy was Katy's and Nathan's neighbor. She was new to town, but made friends with them very quickly.

"Well maybe she'll change her mind and decide to go with us instead." Nathan said.

He was right. She did decide to spend Halloween with us that year. It would have been weird not to because we had already spent it the year before.

I don't remember that year so clearly, but I did remember how she dressed up as a softball player, and when people thought she was a soccer player, she would flip.

It was fun having the three friends walk around in neighborhood getting candy. We made jokes while we walked, we laughed at each other and scared one another as well. We were making memories.

Just how fast Halloween came, it left.

October was over, and day by day, I only waited for one thing; Christmas.

"You're going to like it." Nathan had said to Katy. "Well, hopefully."

"I'm sure I'm going to love it. Don't worry." Katy replied to him as images of what her present could possibly be, came to her mind.

"Just know that it came from the heart." He said smiling so goofily.

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