Love Blooms

When a high school girl learns that she's fallen head over heels with her best friend, everything around her doesn't seem to please her anymore. With her jealousy and her daydreams of being with her crush, can she finally end up being happy?


3. chapter 2

By the time Katy got home, she was drained. She dragged herself to her room and fell on her bed, not having one conscious memory of what she talked about earlier. As soon as her head felt the softness of her pillow, she fell into a deep sleep.


    The story about Katy and Nathan was simple in the beginning. They had met each other when they were very young and they grew up together living in the same neighborhood. Many would say that they were practically like brother and sister. 

    Katy's feelings were nothing except seeing Nathan as her best friend. At least in the beginning.

    Katy had started seeing Nathan in another way after one of her close friends had mentioned that she and Nathan would make a good couple. 

    She threw the concept away and tried her best to look at Nathan as her best friend, but every now and then, the theory would rise up and engulf her.

    Ever since then, her whole world turned into a light switch.

This is their story.


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