Love Blooms

When a high school girl learns that she's fallen head over heels with her best friend, everything around her doesn't seem to please her anymore. With her jealousy and her daydreams of being with her crush, can she finally end up being happy?


2. Chapter 1

Katy's mind drifted away at the thought of her lips stroking Nathan's. She would rise from the couch that she had been laying on and walk up to Nathan, who sat just across from her. Her mouth, closed shut with no anticipation of talking, just centimeters away from his. Her hands longing for his soft face would wrap around his neck, bringing his body closer to hers, and her emerald green eyes starring straight into his chocolate brown ones as if letting him know that she belonged to him. Slowly, as if all of time belonged to Katy, she would lean in and let her lips connect with his for the very first time.

Her mind came back as she watched him open his mouth again to speak.

"After I told her how I felt, I also told her that we needed to stop." Nathan spoke with a gloomy tone. "So she ignored me the whole day that next morning."

Katy looked at him with such sadness and pain in her eyes. As much as she wanted to try and comfort her best friend, no words came out of her mouth. So she sat there quietly, waiting patiently on Nathan to finish his story.

"It just hurts how easily she could forget about me after all of our night conversations that we've had."

"You talk to her on the phone a lot don't you."

"Yeah, almost everyday. One time we stayed up until 4 in the morning just talking about random things until she fell asleep on me."

Katy let out a small laugh and nodded so frustratedly as she laid on the couch remembering about all those times where she would send a message to Nathan and wouldn't get one back.

She smiled at him while pushing all those memories that started flowing back into her mind as far away as she possibly could, and motioned him to continue.

"So by lunch time I just didn't know what to do. I had a class with her next and we sit right by each other."

"I knew it!" Katy said as she stared at Nathan. "I knew there was something wrong with you that day."

"Oh my hip hurts," Katy said mockingly as she repeated what Nathan had told her that one time.

"Well no, my hip did actually hurt that one day." He said. "I just didn't want to say anything in front of everyone."

"I'm your best friend. You can tell me anything." Katy reminded him for the millionth time.

"But yeah, anyways. So what happened?" She asked even though she knew that the next thing he would say would tear away pieces of her heart.

"She ignored me completely. So I sat there with my head on the table the whole class."

Again, Katy's mind wanted to speak but her mouth wouldn't let her. All she could do was lay on the two person couch and listen to her best friend talk about his crush.

All through the night she listened to Nathan no matter how much it was eating her inside. She didn't want her selfish, greedy desires to get in the way of being a good friend.

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