The Hand You're Dealt

-warning the following has some gambling in it, as well as coarse language and fights- Corry 'Cheshire' Locke is one of Louisiana's best poker players, that is until she meets a certain mutant with a kinetic energy ability

1. One

I flipped my reddish blonde hair over my right shoulder, staring at the cards in my right hand, a small sigh escaping my lips. This is how I usually spent my Saturday nights, sitting at my friend Daegan's poker table, winning every other hand. Everyone here knew I was a mutant and they knew not to piss me off. Everyone but, Reagan and myself folds, both of us smirking at each other.

"Raise 30,000," he says, pushing most of his chips in.

"All IN," I say with a smirk.

Everyone, but Reagan gasps, knowing that this was a risky move. Daegan place down the five 'dealer' cards, after Reagan goes all in as well. The three of us deeply breathe, tension rising in the room. We all look at each other, fear, amusement, and plain out courage flashing across our faces.

"Show me your cards," Daegan says, meekly.

Reagan has a straight, so he smirks thinking he's won this one. I smirk back at him, triumph setting into my eyes. 

"C'mon, Cheshire, put your cards down," Reagan mutters.

I place my cards down, gasps coming in from every direction. I had a  flush and all of these gamblers knew that a flush beats a straight.

"Sh*t, Cheshire won again," Eliose, says running her left hand through her short, spikey, platnium blonde hair.

I smirk at them, twisting some strands of my hair around the fingers of my right hand. 

Knock!, Knock!

"Yo, Daegan, ya expecting anyone else," I say, laughing after I take a swig of my Diet Pepsi.

Daegan shakes his head, but gets up to answer the door anyway. Reagan takes his time giving me the bird, so in return, I cough then while everyone else is confused, I give him both birds. 

"Bitch," Reagan says, smirking.

"Jerk," I reply, propping my feet upon on the table.

"Assbutts," Eliose mutters.

"Idjits," Cali, Reagan's twin, snorts realizing we just mocked our favorite tv show. The laughter died down when Reagan's cousin, Remy Le Beau, walks in.

I'm so dead, no I'm more than dead, I'm screwed, I think to myself as Remy takes Reagan's seat. Remy smirks at all of us, but he stares at me.

Daegan deals the cards, but then asks me, "Cheshire, you in or out?".

"Huh," I respond.

"Cheshire, are you in this round or are you out," Eliose asks me this time.

"I'm in," I say, showing no fear.

Remy smirks at me, then at everyone else again. I cock my head to my left, my signature 'Cheshire Cat' smile plastered on my face. 

"So, they call you Cheshire," Remy says to me, nonchalantly.

"What's it to ya," I reply, knowing I have this hand in the bag.

"Just making small talk, Mon Cherie," He replies, mischief settling into his eyes.

"I'm not anyone's 'darling', Dude,"  I retort.

Remy just laughs at me causing the others to laugh as well. I growl, putting on my poker face which causes them to laugh even more. 

Eliose, Cali, Reagan and even Daegan fold, which leaves me and Remy. I take a deep breath, my eyes scanning Remy's face for any hint of doubt. He grins which ends up scaring me.I concentrate on my hand which may be the only thing keeping me from talking anymore.

"Raise 35,000," I say.

"All in," Remy counters, pushing all of his chips in, a smug look on his face.

Once I push all of my chips into the middle of the table, Daegan lays down the dealer cards.  I take another deep breath centering myself. Remy lightly laughs, taunting me as he does.

"Show me your cards," Daegan says again, like when it was just me and Reagan.

I go first, laying down a full house, then I flip Remy off. He just smirks again, laying his cards down.

No way in friggin' hell! He beat me!, I scream inside my head. Remy's hand was a straight flush. Once Remy had claimed all the chips I gave Reagan my seat so he could properly play. Reagan quickly thanks me and appologizes for his cousin at the same time.

"Ain't no need to appologize for me, Cousin, I'm just a better poker player," Remy says. I'm about to retort, but I stop short.

"What's going o-," Remy begins but I interrupt him by saying, "Shut the h-ll up.". Remy's face becomes a shade of red, but I ignore him and the others.

"Daegan, shut her down! Right now," I say in an angry whisper.

Daegan nods, as does everyone else. Within a few moments we have the table broken down, the kitchen chairs back in the kitchen and Daegan rehid his poker set. Another moment later the lights go out and my nightmare begins. I usher everyone except Remy to a safer place.  

"You in or out, Le Beau," I ask Remy, twirling an ace.

"I'm in, Mon Cherie, but the better question is are you," he replies.

"MRD ain't taking me down tonight, that's for sure. So hell yeah, I'm in.".

 Remy and I both take up fighting stances as the front door gets kicked in. Five MRD officers walk in, shields in place and guns ready.

"On three," I ask Remy.

"On three," he agrees.

We don't even count, we both just shout, "Three!".

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