Dracilla Lusianna Malfoy

What if Draco had a twin sister who nobody knew about. Not even Draco or his parents. Until one day the students from Durmstang visited Hogwarts.


1. Before the Tournament

"Ugh! Why do we have to clean the great hall Professor?", asked Pansy Parkinson 

"Because Durmstang and Beauboxums are coming here for the Triwizard cup and the Great Hall has to be spotless Ms. Parkinson. Anymore silly little questions?", said Professor Snape

"No. Pansy was just being silly. We, well at least I did, knew why we were cleaning the Great Hall. Right, Pansy.", said Draco

" Well then, I guess you know that the Gryffindores are doing a better job than you two. And they are not using magic! So work harder.", exclaimed Professor Snape

"Wait the Gryffindores are doing a better job than us. What!", exclaimed Draco, "Oh I'll show them. Scorgio!" cried Draco and the Great hall was instantly clean. 

"Well that's that what now Professor." asked Pansy. 

"Mr. Malfoy you may go to the common room Ms. Parkinson you now get to clean the potions lab." said Professor Snape

"What! Why is he finished and I'm not!" yelled Pansy

"Because Ms Parkinson he worked hard and you did not you are also being stupid." explained Professor Snape


I am so ready for the schools to get here so we can be done with all this cleaning and preparation. I wonder who will come. Maybe whomever my parents are always visiting at Durmstrang will come.


Gah this ship is awful! Even in my luxurious cabin. I have been here far to long. Hopefully this competition will be fun. Even though I am only a fourth year I convinced Headmaster to let me compete. By convinced I mean imperised him. Being the only girl in an all boys school has its perks. Now maybe I can sleep the last few hours on this infernal ship. Until it is time to return home I will not step foot on this infernal contraption! Or I am not Dracilla Lucianna Malfoy!

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